byAlma Abell

Have you been searching for ways to lower your auto insurance premiums? If so, you should know that you’re not alone. Many consumers have been looking for low cost auto insurance in Philly. Luckily, there are several different things that you can do to lower your insurance premiums such as by getting rid of unnecessary coverage. If the value of the vehicle that you’re currently driving is low, you should consider switching your insurance coverage from comprehensive to liability. Making this change could decrease the amount you pay for auto insurance by about fifty percent.


Another way to reduce your auto insurance rates is by grouping all of your insurance policies together. For example, if you have your auto insurance and motorcycle insurance at two different insurance agencies, getting insurance policies with one agency can decrease your rates. Once you find an insurance agency that you’re happy with, it’s also important to stay with that company. Many of them offer loyalty rewards to customers who have been with them for an extended time.

Most people who have comprehensive coverage on their vehicles have a deductible that they are required to pay in the unfortunate event that their vehicle is involved in an accident. Deductibles typically range from $250 to $500, but if you increase your deductible to $1,000 your insurance will decrease by up to forty percent. If your current vehicle doesn’t already have an anti-theft system installed, you should consider having one installed because it will also lower the amount that you pay for insurance. If you decide to have an anti-theft system installed, be sure to speak with your insurance agent first to make sure that it is one the company will approve of.

In an attempt to get low cost auto insurance in Philly some consumers have even decided to trade their current vehicles for less expensive one models. This is because most insurance companies base their insurance rates on the risk levels of vehicles. Therefore, if you currently have an expensive sports, trading for a small economy could lower your insurance rates. If you decide to get a different vehicle, be sure to get a quote from your insurance company first so you will know how much your auto insurance will be before you complete your purchase.