Attributes Of Hr And Library Management System Features

This article is related to the educational software. It plays the relevant role in the proper management of the library and make the whole functioning of the library ease. Really, this software is blessing for the school administration. All the operations can be easily handle oriented in the library via the software. There are some features of library management systemwhich are;

Bar-code: – This software helpful to read the bar-code of the book and according through which it become easy to arrange the booking. When the book issued by the user then software requires the entry and after that all the working done by the software in which include how much book are in stock, which one book in demand, date of issued, alert when issued book is cross the time limit and many more functions. Moreover, one’s you entered in the software, the position of the book in the library, then there is no need to search the book. Only by entering the book name or number into the software, a new library in-charge can also get the accurate position of the book.


Multimedia Management: – In the current scenario, the library is not limited only to books instead of its CDs, DVDs, videocassettes and many more multimedia things are also available in the library. This software also helpful to manage all such things.

Compatibility: – The software is compatible with all other software, there are no restrictions.

Customization: – All the features can be customized, As, per the requirements of your organization, you can customize all the features. There is no need to have the depth technical knowledge to adjust its features.

Apart from the library, human resource management systemalso plays the important role in the functioning of the school. There are numerous functions in which include recruitment of the staff, arranging the resume for the interview in order first-in, first-out, manage the records of the staff members and many more. Due to heavy work load, it becomes difficult to handle the work efficiently, but with the help of software, it becomes easy to handle all the tasks.

There are lots of companies which are involved in the development of the educational software, but if you want something new then Awapal Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Is best company which is providing software with some additional features of high standard.

What Does It Mean To Be Human?

We can find answers to the question What does it mean to be human? in a multitude of places, from specific to global, objective to subjective. For example:

  • the chemistry of the human body
  • the biology of the human body
  • our physiology
  • our psychology
  • our ethnicity / culture
  • the study of sociology
  • the study of anthropology
  • our enjoyment of the arts
  • our appreciation of literature
  • our personal experiences.

Daniel Gilbert, Professor of Psychology at Harvard University, jokingly opens his book Stumbling on Happiness[1] with the idea that all psychologists at some point in their careers will publish the sentence, The human being is the only animal that , and then finish that sentence in whatever way best suits their argument. In some respects to answer the question What makes us human? invites me to finish Daniel Gilberts sentence. This is not a simple task as the reason we are who we are is because of countless evolutionary choices and opportunities.

Lets focus for now on just one critical element of the human body our minds. In our mind lies our ability to master the tools of evolution itself. We live in an age and a part of the world that allow us to stand on the shoulders and call on the ideas of millions of others around the world and across human history. There are some key things that allow us to do this and perhaps this is where our humanity lies:

  • the cultural element (or memes)
  • consciousness
  • communication
  • collaboration

The Cultural Element, or Memes

In his book The Selfish Gene,[2] Richard Dawkins reminds us of the biology of genes. When two parents produce an offspring, that offspring carries half of the fathers genes and half of the mothers genes. When the two halves combine there is a small mutation, and an individual is produced. Dawkins suggests that a similar thing happens when we communicate ideas, behaviours or personal styles. The recipient of an idea filters that idea through his or her experiences and then the idea mutates a little to form a slight variation. This variation is then tested and/or passed on to others. By doing this we are using the process of evolution itself to determine the survival of ideas, behaviours and styles.


Our ability to be aware that we are separate to our environment provides us with the belief (rightly or wrongly) that we have free will. Our mind enables us to understand the difference between the past, the present and the future. Being aware of the passing of time encourages us to plan and act. Robert Levine conducted research that strongly suggests that the closer to the equator you live, the less aware you are of the passing of time.[3] Jared Diamond, in his work Guns, Germs and Steel,[4] suggests that the vast majority of industry and development happens in the temperate zones, at least in part because the changing of the seasons reminds us of the passing of time. Our own mortality is also a powerful motivator.


Speech has allowed us to communicate ideas from one person to another with a nuance that dramatically improves on mimicry alone. Humans are able to convey abstract concepts and discuss things that are not present. Pre-history, communication occurred through story, song, rhyme and metaphor. Today, if a group of people is gathered around a barbecue, at a dinner party or in a pub, they will still communicate primarily through the telling of stories. The advent of writing and the internet have dramatically sped up the process of communication. And Smartphones many people can now access nearly all of human knowledge through their phones, the true implications of which are yet to be determined.


We communicate with others because we are primarily a cooperative species. Yes, perhaps the West is going through an individualistic stage at the moment, but the work of Clare W. Graves and the theory of Spiral Dynamics[5] would suggest that this is necessary for us to evolve to a more sacrificial way of life. Robert Wright, the author of The Moral Animal,[6] suggests that there is no racism in Business Class on international flights because people travelling overseas in Business Class know that their success and survival are dependent on the success and survival of the people they trade with. So while it can be convenient and easy to take aim at corporations, it could be that those corporations are at the leading edge of evolution.

In the end, therefore, we are human because of countless decisions and opportunities along the evolutionary pathway. Perhaps of more importance are the tools we have picked up along the way that will help us continue to evolve. These are the tools of consciousness, the awareness of the passing of time and our own mortality, our advanced ability to communicate and our capacity to collaborate with other humans outside of our tribe.

[1] Gilbert, Daniel (2005), Stumbling on Happiness, Vintage Books, New York

[2] Dawkins, Richard (2006), The Selfish Gene, Oxford University Press, USA

[3] Levine, Robert (1997), The Geography of Time: The Temporal Misadventures of a Social Psychologist, Basic Books, New York

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[6] Wright, Robert (1994), The Moral Animal, Vintage Books, New York

20+ Hr Dissertation Topics (2020) You Should Not Ignore!

Why did you decide to read this piece of information? Well, the reasons are simple. First, the write-up contains exactly what you want to know, i.e., the list of one of the best HR dissertation topics, and secondly, the creative title which compelled you to give a read. Similarly, an HRM dissertation idea should be something that the professor wants and interesting enough to make him scroll further your academic paper.

Hello, UK students! I hope you are taking care of yourself during the pandemic. The major motive behind drafting the piece of information is to help the students who are struggling to find an interesting yet informative HR topic for dissertation writing. Grab yourself a pen and paper as you start reading the subsequent section.

Which Are Some Good HRM Dissertation Topics? Here’s the Answer!

  1. The title of the dissertation is the first thing noticed by the professor, and we all know that the first impression is the last impression. Thus, it is advised that a student should shortlist a unique topic having a vast research scope. If you are also struggling to find the latest HR dissertation topics, then the below-mentioned list is your match made in heaven.
  2. A qualitative study on the significance of HR in developing a healthy work culture
  3. Role of an HR professional in implementing organisational strategy
  4. How can HR help in motivating the employees? (relevance to the UK companies)
  5. An in-depth research on training and development techniques used by HR for enhancing the employee’s performance
  6. Reflective study on how HR plays a crucial role in retaining employees
  7. Elucidate on the techniques used by HR to deal with discrimination in an organisation
  8. Technology has influenced the human resource sector big times. Comment your views
  9. Importance of HR in helping a firm to march towards globalisation
  10. Employee’s motivation and performance appraisal goes hand-in-hand. Support with strong arguments
  11. Hard skills vs soft skills: Which one is more important and why?
  12. A comparative analysis of various HR techniques in improving the employee selection process
  13. What are the criteria on which the employee’s appraisal should be judged?
  14. How can management help in increasing the productivity of an organisation as a whole, and that of employees in particular?
  15. What are the different measures which a human resource professional should take to solve dispute arising between team members?
  16. Elaborate on the role of HR in maintaining harmony among the workers coming from different geographical boundaries
  17. Importance of employee’s feedback for the betterment of the organisation
  18. Cross-culture management: What is it & how it can be implemented effectively?
  19. Human resource management plays a crucial role in analysing the behaviour of employees. Elaborate with arguments
  20. How can management improve employee’s loyalty?
  21. Effect of rewards and monetary benefits on the performance of the employees
  22. Advancement in the field of technology has simplified the task of management. Share your views

This brings us to the end of the write-up. Summing up all, you must have known the best HR dissertation topics for impressing your college professor. However, one thing to note here is that apart from choosing an attractive HRM dissertation idea, a student should have adequate skills related to writing, researching, editing, and proofreading. In case, you fail to possess any of the skills, then seekinghelp in dissertation will prove to be the smartest decision in your academic career.

Payroll Management 101 The Basics

Payroll and accounting may be the last things you want to think about when running a business. Despite the potentially difficult tasks of managing employee wages, there are some things to know before you start.Most important is your staff. You can’t have a business without them, and they won’t work unless you compensate them in some way…and most people aren’t accepting candy cigarettes and bubble gum anymore.You may feel extremely overwhelmed at the idea of running this part of your business, but the following will help lead you in the right direction.Each company must determine how often its staff will be compensated. This schedule can help ease the flow and management of company money. In addition to pay periods, the company management, whether department managers or a group of company heads, will come up with a compensation scale that will correspond with each employee’s tasks and experience levels along with other factors.There are a number of deductions and taxes to consider for each employee – including federal and state taxes as well as personal deductions specific to each employee. How much is deducted for each employee is determined by wage rate. Whether an employee is salary, hourly, part-time, temporary, freelance, or contract can also affect deduction amounts. Federal and state taxes, social security, Medicare, health insurance, 401k, and other retirement plans should all be taken into consideration when calculating the amount each employee takes home at the end of the compensation period. In order to avoid fines, extra taxes, fees, or even audits, employee compensation must be as accurately calculated as possible.As if figuring out how much to pay and deduct for each employee weren’t enough, you also have deadlines to worry about. Taxes and fees – amounts and deadlines are determined by company size and type – are due at different times throughout the year; a company’s fiscal year can also change these due dates. Inaccurate or late payments can lead to fines and penalties that can easily put a company into the red.This brings up the cash your company has available to use for compensation. Your management department is responsible for keeping a log of cash in versus cash out and making sure that there is enough money to compensate employees. This is important, because, as discussed above, most employees won’t work for nothing.Your payroll department is responsible for getting the compensation to the employees. Setting up direct deposit and printing and sending out paper checks is up to the management of the company. Another part of this department is sending out tax forms each year. These forms, which can include W-2s and certain 1099s, must be printed and postmarked no later than January 31 of each year.The options for managing payroll may seem as daunting as the payroll process itself. Some small companies may find that someone in-house can easily manage a few employees. However, when you increase your staff, you increase the work involved in properly compensating employees as well as meeting various tax deadlines for the company itself. Some software can help with this task, or you may choose to outsource your bookkeeping and payroll to another company just for ease and peace of mind; this option tends to work better if the company is larger or has a non-standard compensation process.Thoroughly examining your options will help you feel more confident that you are making the right decision for your company financially and for the sake of your employees


4 Significant Reasons Why Remote Work Makes You A Better Resource

Envisioning myself lying on the sofa, maybe tucked into bed with the laptop on my lap and hot cup of coffee at my bedside. This is the kind of job I would love to do. I mean, just be a remote worker and live the best of your life.

These were my thoughts back in 2014 when I first came to know about teleworking. At that time, I was working as a full time employee in a Dallas web design company. Tired of 9 to 5 hustles, all I could imagine was comfort, coziness and freedom of work, without being bounded by rules, regulations and policies.

Although, remote working has its perks—for both employer and employee—still, that doesn’t mean that you can be indolent towards your tasks.

Contrary to popular belief, studies show that working from home makes you a better employee and you do twice the work that you would do while working in a traditional office environment.

Certainly, from better productivity to increased gratification, remote work brings betterment to your lifestyle by redefining the way you work. In fact, remote working is no less than a boon for the employees who love to stay at home and are reluctant to go through the hassles of everyday commute.

They deliver their best and emerge as a great resource when they are not being bothered by 9 to 5 struggles.


Here are a few reasons why telecommuting makes you a better resource and how it brings the best out of you.

1. Increased Productivity

Long gone are the days when remote working was deemed as an employee perk. Owing to the cultural and technological development over the last 2 decades; workplace has experienced an immense paradigm shift. Hence, the idea of remote working has been shifted from a rare perk to productivity boost for employees.

In the present era, employees willingly turn towards remote work as they find it one of the best ways to haul out their maximum potential, which enables them to give their best without having any pressure of fitting in.

To prove the efficacy of working remotely, Stanford professor Nicholas Bloom conducted a study in collaboration with a Chinese Travel Company Ctrip. Considering the super expensive office space and strenuous commutes, James Liang, CEO of Ctrip, was willing to give their employees mobile work option. Bloom formulated a quantitative test whereby 500 employees were divided into two groups; half of them continued working at HQ while half of them worked from home. The two-year study showed an astounding boost in productivity of the teleworkers as compared to those who were working at the office. The study proved that telecommuters work a true full shift or even more.

“Ctrip’s Study proved that telecommuters work a true full shift or even more.”

2. Less Commute More Energy

An average person spends 60 to 80 minutes of their precious time commuting. According to a study, people feel stressed due to arduous everyday commutes and two-thirds of employees start hunting another job to ease the commute. By eliminating the amount of time spent every day getting to and from work could result in increased energy levels and productivity.

If the employee has to take an hour-long train ride or they spend half an hour coping with the rush hour traffic, odds are thin of them getting to the work all energetic and ready for the day.

On the contrary, when you work from home, you start fresh with higher morale. Other than that, the reduction of daily travel enables you to save the cost you spend on fares and fuel. So it’s more like hitting two birds with one stone.

3. Reduced Attrition Rate

According to a study, losing a valuable resource could cost the employer over $30,000. While recruiting and training a new employee could cost even more. Flexible working and telecommuting is known to help reduce workforce attrition; eventually, it helps companies save time, money and effort spent on hiring and training procedures.

Ctrip experiment proved that the employees who were working from home were observed with 50% less attrition and fewer sick leaves as compared to those who were working in a traditional workplace setting. Also, the company saved $2,000 by saving the cost on per employee’s office space. All in all, remote work opportunities result in reduced employee turnovers and attrition by 25 to 50%.

4. Improved Health and Happiness

If you compromise on your personal wellbeing, you would never be able to be fully productive and beneficial to your company. Sense of fulfillment is key when it comes to workplace satisfaction. Contrary to popular belief, fulfillment is not only about being paid a hefty amount every month, there is a lot more to it than this.

Believe it or not, people have had enough of the everyday rat-race, they just want to take control of their lives and are eager to find a balance between work and life. Flexible workplace gives them the liberty to prioritize things while maintaining the order of what should be done when as per their convenience.

Teleworking allows you to lead a lifestyle where you are in charge of putting things in order as you can mold schedules. In a nutshell, it allows you to live a life where you can earn well and live well, simultaneously.

“Teleworking enables you to live a life where you can earn well and live well, simultaneously.”


Putting it together, over the past few years, teleworking has gone beyond being just a trend or a privilege. Unsettling the rules of the traditional workplace, it’s been morphed into a norm and a way of life, which is here to stay. From employee retention to decreased attrition and improved personal wellbeing, there are several benefits that remote works allows you to take advantage of.

It’s time for you to start your journey as a remote worker and discover what you’ve been missing out on.

A General Outlook At The Basics Of Quick Books, Ccna And Itil Training

By Adriana J. Noton

Training for any course can be difficult especially if you do not have a system. In the article, a general overview of QuickBooks, CCNA and ITIL training has been outlined. If you are looking to get accredited in the above certification, then the material below can help you get ready.

ITIL is the abbreviation for IT infrastructure library. This course is geared to enable best practice in IT managed services. Through this course, it is possible to empower your organization through information technology managed services. It also imparts knowledge to its student about the general outlook of information technology just like most IT courses.

Some of the most popular courses you will find in ITIL training are varied as they are many. Basically, you will be taught on how to build service catalogue, how to move from ITIL theory to practice and so on. You also get to know how to define the value of IT in any organization, firm or company. ITIL basics are also taught. Like most information technology courses, they will also train you on the basic of IT.


CCCNA is the abbreviation for Cisco certified network associate. This certification is of great value as it proves that a person is indeed well versed in networking technologies. Basically, this certification proves that you are able to install and maintain Cisco Ethernet network.

To learn CCNA, you can use several avenues it will all depend on your time, and financial capability. Some student may opt to use study books which they can use from home rather than study in class. Cisco provides several learning modules which are very useful in preparing for exams. They however advices their students to have some form of classroom coaching before the exams. They have several partners worldwide from whom you can get classroom coaching. To find one in your area, you will need to go to their website for details.

Basically, QuickBooks is accounting software geared for small or medium sized entities. This software is able to make general accounting duties such as payroll checks easier for people with little or no accounting education. With time and proper learning material, people are able to use it even more efficiently.

Just like CCNA, a course in QuickBooks can take several angles. You may opt for an on phone, online or in person setup. You may even use self assessment CDs for your training or find a QuickBooks expert in your area to train you. One of the best forms of coaching in quick books is using the web based program were you receive certification upon completion of your course. You will determine which of the above suits you best or you may use all of them or a combination of two or three learning avenues.

Just like most courses, to become certified will require a lot of hard work determination and burning the midnight oil. One of the key determinants in most examination success is having proper learning material. You may study hard but if your materials are not up to date, the results could be poor. So make it a point to find the best study material and study it before the exams. Also, ensure that you have at least eight straight hours of sleep before you sit an exam paper.

About the Author: ITIL Training can open a lot of doors in the IT industry. Alternatively a

CCNA Training

can help people transition from IT into Finance.


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Majority Have Little Or No Knowledge Of How Self Insured Groups Work

Majority Have Little or No Knowledge of How Self-Insured Groups Work


Hale Johnston

EMPLOYERS latest SIG-related poll results come at a time of continued financial challenges for some large SIGs and their members around the country. In California, a workers compensation SIG for restaurants, golf courses and country clubs recently announced a $42 million assessment on its member businesses to make up for the group s insufficient reserves. The assessment means costs of tens of thousands of dollars or more to the member companies, including many that are former members. And recently a health-care industry SIG also announced an assessment to its members which was necessary to comply with California financial standards and to shore up a $25 million reserve deficit.

Four out of ten small business decision-makers incorrectly believe that SIG members are not financially responsible for the claims of each of the group s other member companies, according to the latest EMPLOYERS Small Business Opinion Poll. This lack of SIG knowledge is not limited to the general small business population. Thirty-nine percent of small businesses who are currently or were part of a SIG incorrectly believe SIG members are not financially responsible for the workers compensation claims of each of the other companies in their SIG, not just their own businesses.

EMPLOYERS Small Business Opinion Poll Snapshot:

73 percent have little or no knowledge of how SIGs work

40 percent of all small business decision-makers polled don t realize SIG members are financially responsible for each of the other member company claims

39 percent of current and former SIG members don t realize they are responsible for claims of each of the other member companies


31 percent believe saving money on annual premiums outweighs the financial risk of a SIG failure

25 percent incorrectly believe that their claim liability ceases when they leave a SIG

Selecting Workers\’ Compensation Coverage

When selecting a workers\’ compensation insurance carrier, price logically serves as a deciding factor and is certainly important. However, it\’s also important for businesses to consider long-term cost savings that can be achieved through value-added programs such as loss control, anti-fraud and managed care programs that are offered by private insurance carriers.

Following are questions businesses should ask if they are already members of or are considering leaving self-insured groups.

Nine Questions Businesses Should Ask Their Self-Insured Group Administrator:

1. How well funded is the self-insured group?

2. How many claims have occurred while my company has been a member?

3. What is the expected lifetime cost of each of these claims?

4. What does joint and several liability mean to my business?

5. What is my company s exposure if another member of the self-insured group has a claim?

6. Can a claimant sue my company for the full cost of a claim?

7. What liabilities does my company have if I leave the self-insured group?

8. What are the legal requirements of leaving a self-insured group?

9. Will I need to re insure any costs related to claims that occurred while I was part of the self-insured group?

About the Small Business Opinion Poll

The study commissioned by EMPLOYERS surveyed 501 owners or managers of small businesses with 1-99 full-time employees. Data was collected through telephone interviews during the period May 9 May 17, 2012 at the 95 percent confidence level. The sample is stratified across business size and industry grouping, including manufacturing/construction, transportation/ communication, wholesale/retail, financial services, or personal/professional services businesses. The survey was conducted by ORC International through its Small Business CARAVAN.

Hale Johnston is Senior Vice President, Regional Manager of the Pacific Region for EMPLOYERS . Additional information can be found at

Article Source: