Understanding The Role Of The Board Of Plastic Surgery

The Integral Role of the Board of Plastic Surgery

The medical world is a vast ocean of different specialties, each with its own governing bodies. One such significant authority within the realm of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery is the Board of Plastic Surgery. This authoritative body plays an essential role in setting standards for education, training, and qualifications for plastic surgeons. The board is also responsible for certifying professionals in the field of plastic surgery by examining their skills and knowledge and ensuring they uphold the highest standards of medical care.

The primary role of the Board of Plastic Surgery is to protect patients. The board does this by ensuring a strict standard of professionalism, expertise, and ethical behavior among plastic surgeons. This is achieved through comprehensive examinations that test the abilities of practitioners and certify the most capable ones, thereby safeguarding the integrity of the field.

Moreover, the board meticulously defines the curriculum for residencies and fellowships in plastic surgery. It maps out the essential knowledge and skills a trainee needs to excel in the field, and revises this framework periodically to stay relevant with contemporary research and advancements in surgical techniques.

The certification from the Board of Plastic Surgery serves as a beacon for potential patients, signifying that their surgeon has obtained a superior level of training and knowledge in the field. Unsurprisingly, hospitals and clinics also regard this certification highly in their hiring processes.

For instance, in seeking the services of a cosmetic surgeon, especially for procedures such as facelift surgery, patients are recommended to opt for a board-certified plastic surgeon. In the recent past, under-qualified practitioners conducting complex procedures have been a troubling concern in the medical community. Instances of failed surgeries, complications or, in the worst cases, loss of life prompted authorities to insist on board certification for plastic surgeons.

Today, if you were on the lookout to visit the best facelift surgery clinic NYC has to offer, it would be prudent to choose a board-certified plastic surgeon. By doing so, you can be assured of the practitioner’s proficiency and professionalism, knowing that they’re held to the highest standards by an authoritative entity.

While board certification signifies that a surgeon has the requisite training and skills, it also means they remain committed to continuing education. This is crucial as it ensures that the certified surgeon keeps abreast of the latest advancements in plastic surgery, thus providing the highest standard of patient care.

Finally, an integral part of the board’s role is working in liaison with regulatory authorities to curb illegal practices in plastic surgery. It assists law enforcement agencies by investigating complaints, endorsing ethical practices, and revoking licenses if necessary. This ensures that the field remains safe and trustworthy for patients.

In conclusion, the Board of Plastic Surgery plays an inestimably important role in maintaining the quality and safety of plastic surgery procedures – from facelifts to abdominoplasty. It’s the guiding force that shapes the field, ensuring patient safety, promoting education, and upholding the highest ethical practices in the field of plastic surgery.

Va Plastic Surgeons Rhinoplasty Overcoming Nose Imperfections

VA plastic surgeons Rhinoplasty – Overcoming Nose Imperfections


Dr. Erica Anderson

VA plastic surgeons Rhinoplasty Overcoming Nose Imperfections

Nowadays lots of people are interested in cosmetic surgeries. In today s world and especially high fashion areas like


, or parts of Virginia and Washington, appearances are quite important. Thus, lots of individuals want to improve their assets and minimize their flaws. One of the main things that people look at when determining someone s attractiveness is their face and it s no surprise that the face is a place that people want to change.


Rhinoplasty or nose job is one of the major cosmetic surgeries that aim to increase the aesthetic balance and harmony of the face through fixing a wide range of imperfections in the area of the nose. Specifically, rhinoplasty or nose surgery can correct the size, width, profile of the nose and nasal tip and nostrils. It is performed either using a closed procedure, whereby incisions are hidden inside the nose or an open procedure, where an incision is made across the columella, the narrow strip of tissue that separate the nostrils. Covering the nose are the soft tissues that are gently raised through these incisions. This enables exposure of the nasal structures for reshaping. Nasal cartilage can be trimmed or removed, and bone can be filled or broken to change or reduce the size of the nose. Implants or cartilage can be placed to augment different aspects of the nasal structure. When the sculpting of the underlying nasal structure is complete, nasal skin and tissue are repositioned and incisions are closed. The procedure is done on an outpatient basis under general anesthesia and usually takes about 3 hours.

Recovery takes one to two weeks and most people resume their normal activities within two to three weeks. Following surgery, a lightweight external splint is applied to maintain the new shape of the nose and to protect nasal bones when they ve been fractured and narrowed. This splint is removed within a week and internal nasal splints may ne inserted at the time of surgery to protect the septum. These are removed within a week.

Pain is minimal and is controlled with medications in rhinoplasty. Most of your bruising and swelling should disappear after 1 to 2 weeks and any external sutures will be removed approximately 4 to 5 days following surgery and splint removed after 1 to 2 weeks.

Another kind of problem or perhaps main medical reasons for having rhinoplasty is to correct a deviated septum. If you have a deviated septum it means that the cartilage inside your nose that separates the right nostril from left is not straight and center-aligned as it should be. In extreme cases, it can cause improper nasal drainage resulting painful headaches, sleep apnea and general breathing problems. The procedure is usually used to correct sleep apnea and to correct the sinus problems as well. So the clinical term for that rhinoplasty is Septoplasty .

Rhinoplasty has been performed for many years and through research and practice, procedures in this area have been improved in a lot of ways like plastic surgery in VA. If you have a medical problem or imperfections in the nasal area, this procedure can be a big help.

You can speak with one of Advanced Plastic Surgery

VA plastic surgeons

specifically Dr. Erica Anderson through calling 703.841.0406 or simply checking out: http://advancedplasticsurgerycenter.com/

You can speak with one of Advanced Plastic Surgery VA plastic surgeons specifically Dr. Erica Anderson for Nose Surgery through calling 703.841.0406 or simply checking out: http://advancedplasticsurgerycenter.com/

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Cosmetic Surgery To Correct Basic Shape And Form Defects

Cosmetic Surgery to Correct Basic Shape and Form Defects


Nicky Pilkington

Many women are dissatisfied with the shape or size of their breasts for one reason or another. If you are thinking along the lines of having cosmetic surgery for your problem, remember that some size and shape differences are normal and while breast implants will increase the size, they won t correct basic shape and form defects. It is possible to have other forms of corrective surgery for that.

The breast implant operation is carried out under general anaesthetic and involves the insertion of the implant by means of a small incision under the breast, the armpit or even the belly-button area. The implant is made of silicone that is filled with a saline solution. The shape is based on the individual needs of the patient.


Cosmetic surgery can also be used to correct Gynecomastia, a condition affecting 40/60 percent of men in the USA, where fatty deposits due usually to an inherited factor cause enlarged breasts. This is called Liposculpture surgery and is a fairly recent development that will restore a thinner, more masculine contour to the chest.

After surgery the patient must wear a snug-fitting garment for several weeks. This will minimize bruising and swelling and help the skin to shrink more quickly. Return to work varies depending on the job. Office workers can return sooner than those doing more physically challenging work.

Whether you body has succumbed to the forces of gravity, or whether your shape is due to a diet too high in saturated fats, a tummy tuck might be just what you need. But don t make the decision too lightly. Tummy tucks might sound simple and easy, but any operation that requires a general anaesthetic should be considered serious. For this reason, never be afraid to ask about your surgeon s qualifications and experience.

Basically, a skilled professional trained in this field, excises folds of loose skin and fat, having previously marked the areas to be cut out. Slack muscles are then tightened before the operation is complete. The incision is usually made along the bikini line; the skin is pulled down and afterwards secured with several rows of sutures to minimize scarring. Fat may be harvested at the same time and frozen for use in a future Lipo-suction operation. This possibility should be discussed with the surgeon beforehand.

Other operations to remove sagging skin can be carried out on the thighs, upper arms and neck area. Face-lifts can be used to remove wrinkles and lift sagging areas and scarring is usually minimal, but if indulged in too often, the whole face can become a ghastly caricature of what Mother Nature intended.

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Are You Prepared For Nose Surgery?}

Are You Prepared For Nose Surgery?




Today many people are opting for rhinoplasty for enhancing the shape of their nose. Rhinoplasty is used for cosmetic procedures as well as for correcting deformed noses due to traumas and injuries. If a person wants to go under any cosmetic procedure he should be prepared for the surgery. You should go under various tests prior to the surgery. A person who wants to correct the shape of his nose with the help of nose surgery should not have history of any serious diseases. A person who is a drinker or smoker is at greater risk of different complications of the surgery.

You will have amazing results from the surgery if the surgeon is skilled and qualified. It is a good idea to discuss your expectations with the physician prior to the surgery. Your expectations from the nose job should be realistic. Many people are not satisfied with the results because they expect a lot from the rhinoplasty. It is a good idea to find all the available information about the surgery on the internet and in the books. Before going under the procedure you should know procedure, complications and risks of the surgery.The most common complications of the rhinoplasty are swelling, redness and discoloration. The swelling and redness disappear in some days after the surgery. The results of the surgery are not seen in the early post operative period but can be seen after couple of weeks. If you want to minimize the post operative complications then you should follow all the instructions given by your doctor.

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Are You Prepared For Nose Surgery?}

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These watches united beauty, style, strength, fashion and performance. This excellent combinations of fashion makes most of the people dreamed to have it.

This kind of Watch is a fantasy. Only few people can afford to buy it. That’s why most are patronizing swiss replica watches at least they can have a chance to feel how fantastic to wear this kind of watch.

There is nothing quite like having a luxurious timepiece on your wrist. It gives you the gratification of having a piece of style and class to sport. The problem with many luxury timepieces is they are just outlandishly expensive that is why most are buying replicas just like rolex replica watches.

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Is An Anti Wrinkle Injection A Good Choice?

Submitted by: Rena Graham

We have all given up searching for that elusive fountain of youth, which is why we look on to other measures to hold on to our youthfulness as much as we can. We rub on creams, serums and gels that promise younger and clearer skin, sometimes within a week or two. So we hang on to these promises, but it is only normal to look for much better options that can take these actions a little further. That is why anti-wrinkle injections became widely popular in the market.

Some may be hesitant on the fact that this can become a little more invasive than your topical applications. Some also worry on having to inject foreign materials into your skin, which has the potential to create allergic reactions. Although these apprehensions are based on realistic possibilities, anti-wrinkle injections are also known to provide impressive results.

Which is why it also attracted many patients because although it may require some invasiveness, it is less risky compared to surgical methods such as face lifts. Anti-wrinkle injections are also formulated to take action at a much shorter period, and it doesn t even require any down time.


Anti-wrinkle injection fillers already received FDA approval which makes them safe for use under the right methods and application. These materials are either made from attenuated or purified toxins, bacteria and other synthetic materials.

Although it is not a guarantee that it will not show untoward reactions. There are accompanying side effects which includes allergic reactions, swelling, redness and bruising. But most of this case will be minor. But in the case that you feel some symptoms which can be alarmingly uncomfortable already, you should immediately inform your doctor.

But some people are still willing to go for this option due to the fact that it is able to show results within 2-3 days time. This is a far cry from the months you have to wait for your anti-wrinkle cream to take effect or for your surgical wounds and scars to heal. Therefore we can say that it can provide efficient results at a shorter time.

However the downside to this is that, it is often not a permanent solution. Anti-wrinkle injections can last for 6 to 12 months, and by then you can have it retouched. But the catch here is that some people immediately fall that downward slope to overdone anti-wrinkle treatments.

Anti-wrinkle injections work great however there should be moderation on how you use it. Adding to this, it also a concern that people can obtain this through many sources, some of which are unsafe (e.g. Botox parties). Individuals interested in getting anti-wrinkle injections should ask it from reputable doctors and clinics. There are a lot of low rate imitations, and you would be lucky if it does nothing, the worst that could happen is that you end up with a botched result.

So to answer the question on whether it is a good choice; weighing the benefits and disadvantages, it can be said that it is a good anti-aging solution. You just have to learn where to look in order to get the best service that would yield a safe and successful result.

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