Game Design Degree Does Proper Game Design Education Helps?}

Submitted by: Wisd Ooi

You love games and you play them every time you have the chance. You are so passionate about it that you want to be a game designer in the future. As a result you are looking for a game design degree course to have a proper game design education. However is it really needed?

From my personal experience having a game design degree helps but not absolutely a must. When you work in a game studio you will realize that most people there does not really have a degree specialize on games. The reason is because the game industry is very skill orientated and as long as you have the desired ability that they are looking for you will have a good chance of being hired. As a result the value of a game design degree cert had less value compare to people with the right skill set. You will be surprise that certain master degree holder can be earning less money comparing to someone that have no formal education but is excellent in what he/she does. You will also be surprise to meet some people that have an education background that is totally out of the game design field like marketing or finance.

To be honest there are a fair number of modders (people that create mods for games) get hired as game designers regardless of their background education. This is because their skill is shown in the mods they made. The mod itself will show how well the user can use the game editor and how fun is the game. If the game studio likes what they had done, they will be hired.

However taking a game design degree course does have its own advantages. Since the course is tailored to produces future game designers, it can help improve your skills quickly and make sure you are ready once you graduate. But like any other education it really depends on you and how much you are willing to learn. If you are lazy and keep skipping classes then surely you will learn nothing, though wasting your money. However if you take the initiative to learn and practise those skills then you will be the gem that the game industry needs.

Another advantage of taking the game design degree course is the opportunity to meet like minded people. Not only is it fun to study together but any of these friends can be an important person in the future and that will help your career a lot. If there is one secret to have a successful career, that will be the people you know that can get you in and hopefully you have the required skill to hold on to that position. So don’t be a lone ranger and ignore this opportunity.

In conclusion having a game design degree does helps but it really depends on how you receive you game design education. After all it is you skill to produce fun and rewarding games that counts and if you have that, you will be a wanted person in the industry.

About the Author: Wisd ooi, a passionate game designer had been working in the game industry for several years ranging from big company like EA to smaller start up companies. You can read more of his opinion on game design education at his website at


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Revolutionize Education Through Mobile

Revolutionize education through Mobile


Shubhangi Verma

Smartphones and tablet PCs are affecting many aspects of our lives, e.g. the way we access shared knowledge sources by keeping ourselves continuously connected to data and information. These devices are offering an unparalleled access to various knowledge sources, from casual cooking lessons on YouTube to online study materials offered by universities. With the support of mobile applications, the whole world is in our radar that helps us to absorb knowledge through exciting new forms of learning.

Smart devices are influencing knowledge grasping power everywhere and are motivating to the educational organizations to evolve their practices on mobile platforms for the very obvious reason which is to beat the competition. Education industry really requires fresh models and frameworks every now and then whose implementation can carry through the needs of their many current and potential new constituencies. These mobile platforms based tools range from generation of toddlers discovering lessons when tapping and swiping on touch screens, to adolescent men and women who want to conduct online surveys for their projects, to middle-age professionals hoping to secure their job by having new skills.

It is all about mLearning and here m stands for mobile . Handheld devices and their constantly lowering costs give us power to hold education in our hand. Now, it is a widespread reality that sooner or later, mobiles will take the place of PCs for general purpose computing that covers education too.

Learning can become a continuous process and an effective way to leapfrog


Up until now, traditional method of education requires a special timeslot from you. During this timeslot, you take your books and note down important lessons and learn or practice them. However, you can hardly manage all these stuffs while you are travelling in a bus or train, and want to have a quick round for learning some lessons. But you can easily manage a smartphone or tablet for learning and practicing whatever you want. Here, you need mobile applications that will let you store your study material on your smart device, read them like books and write down notes. You would also need an app that can allow you to store all your work in a way that helps you easily retrieve it across devices like other smartphones or tablets. With a smartphone and tablet, learning can become a continuous process and study materials can be available anytime, anywhere.

Many would consider continuous learning (learning through a smart device anytime, anywhere) a leisurely method happening just in the developed world. But it is not true. Since prices of smart devices regularly dropping and local manufacturers have also brought low-cost smart devices, continuous learning is helping in breaking barriers imposed by outdated formal school systems in developing countries. Many children in developing countries live in poverty where they receive basic level education that can hardly help them in getting good job. Here, continuous learning can keep them engaged in learning through in innovative way and earning average skills to grow.

Learning beyond age, boundaries and physical burdens

The phenomenon called continuous learning lets grandparents experience the fact that their children are growing up with touch screen in their hands. This pulls them into mLearning more than ever, motivates them to learn operating smart devices by the need to stay in touch with their grandkids. Computing has become easy with the use of touch-enabled devices like smartphones and tablets. A computer with keyboard, mouse, headphone and mike can appear a complex device in comparison of a tablet with no need of extra hardware. Smart devices are easy to operate and it allows middle-aged people to effortlessly communicate through email, Facebook, Twitter and Skype.

On the other hand, there are parts in this world where women do not have access to formal education. It is not because they are poor or handicapped but because they are bounded by traditional and cultural practices. In many countries where women do not have permission to leave their homes for education, mLearning promises them to learn with high-quality education privately. Similarly, mLearning also brings educational material within the reach to those with extreme disabilities.

mLearning is a partner, not counterpart

The phenomenon of mLearning can go unrecognized if not supported by well-established schools or education institutions. We should not see mLearning as a counterpart of traditional education systems; instead, mLearning can go head-to-head with these systems by extending their current offerings. It is found that students respond better to mLearning course offerings than the course offerings in traditional method. Until recently, distance learning was not a very successful education system, but with help of PCs, the internet and now mobile devices, the distance between a university and its students can almost be removed.

The benefits those were unnoticed up to now.

You enter a school at age five and keep on studying until you finish college. But when the working-life begins, for most people education gets expiated. This is the traditional method and of course, irrelevant as you quickly forget most things you learned in class. When you take education through the help of smart device, the study materials always remain either on your device or in cloud that you can reach anytime. You cannot have these benefits through a traditional education system; however, it is mLearning that has powers beyond one s imagination, which does not respect traditional or cultural barriers, that does not make feel that you are physically disabled and that does not mind how far an educatee is.

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How Making Your Own Custom Polo Shirts And Embroidery Can Be Fun

By Adrianna Notton

Making your own custom polo shirts and embroidery can be a lot of fun, especially for children and the whole family. It can be the type of thing you save for a rainy day when all the family is indoors and looking for something to do together. Alternatively it is an event that can be performed within schools or churches as part of a wider charity event. Whatever your reasons for wanting to make your own t-shirts you will be sure to have loads of fun making and possibly selling your own homemade clothing.

There are a number of reasons you might want to start creating your own designs and embroider on clothing material alongside tailoring it for specific needs. Firstly you might have small children. We all know what it can be like when the kids are not in school and it is a rainy day. I can be challenging to find something that is not only fun, but rewarding for you and them alike. By providing them with clothing that you were maybe going to throw away, some material paint and the means to embroider, you all of a sudden find yourself in a position where the whole day is dealt with, and you’ll have so much fun helping them out you might even make your own.

There are no limits when it comes to home made clothing. You can literally make anything you want which is such a great feeling for adults and children alike. It also means that as a parent with young kids around the home you know that it is not just a one off treat. You can choose to make something different each time and turn them into mini projects for your kids to take part in and complete to the full. Maybe invite them to make t-shirts with their favorite cartoon characters on, or just go wild with a splash of material paint and watch the madness take place.


Secondly, your children might be asked to make their own custom clothing as part of a school project or maybe as part of a social group. It is often part of an art class or as a way of raising money for the next charity event. It does get children involved and excited to see their work being sold to make money for good causes. It works to help with their study and as a means to inspiring charity work in later life.

Young art, design and fashion students also take this on to the next level. Many custom make their own day to day clothing and this can be a great way to start them off with a few design ideas and to try things out gradually over time. During study there are some hard times and even though you are using this tailored artistic idea as a sounding board and for hard study, it can still be as much fun as when you were a young child and first got out the paints and the embroidery materials.

The next step up from this is to use custom t-shirts as a means of employment. Many stay at home mothers use it as a way of boosting their income, as do students as a part time job. For those who started small with such projects they have in fact moved on to bigger and better things after witnessing initial success selling on specifically made shirts for friends and family from their own home.

Materials can be relatively cheap and it is a form of arts and crafts that is accessible to everyone. It does not matter where you come from or how much money you have. Creating your own custom t-shirts and embroidering them is basically a fun thing to do. If you go on and make some money for it, for yourself, or for charity then that is a great bonus.

There are a number of reasons you might want to make your own custom polo shirts and embroidery, from filling spare time with the children, for charity events and car boot sales, to design school and finally as the means of a full time job as part of a wider clothing scheme. Whatever the reasons it is a really fun way to spend a day and the options are endless. Your material is your canvas and you can do exactly what you please with it.

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How A Business Education Improves Prospects For A Rewarding Career?

How a Business Education Improves Prospects for a Rewarding Career?


George Freeman

Professionals with a formal business education enjoy the prospects of a rewarding career. A well-chosen programme would provide them with critical efficiency that they need to compete in the workplace to prove their worth. Carefully assess your career objectives and choose a course that helps you meet them.

In the ever competitive workplace, you need to keep expanding your skillset to keep yourself in the loop. There is continuous change in business and you should have the skills to deliver on what the management expects from you.

Earning a formal business management degree would not just add weight to your CV but also give you an edge over your peers. In fact, for many who want to move to a managerial position, having an MBA has become a prerequisite. If the degree is not in your repertoire, it is time you get enrolled in a programme.

It is important that you get your MBA from a reputable institution as obtaining it from just any institute won t give you the quality required. The programme must provide you with the critical proficiency that you require to compete. It should help you to move ahead within an organisation or outside it. Education that you receive will make you knowledgeable enough to deal with the intricacies of business operations.


Opt for business education programmes which are in sync with your career objectives. For instance, if you want to pursue a career in finance, an MBA degree with specialisation in finance will be the right choice. In the same way, for anyone wanting to succeed as a marketing professional, obtaining a degree in marketing is recommended. Make a careful assessment of your career objectives before making a decision on your course.

For anyone working full time, a conventional programme is just not an option, so you have to get enrolled in a distance learning education programme. While deciding on an institution, you need to factor in the support offered by them for students. As there is no face-to-face interaction of teachers and students, the support system becomes important. There should be a platform where students are able to discuss things with peers and tutors. Moreover, they should also have access to an online library.

A well-designed course will apprise students of various aspects of business management such as organisation, strategy formulation, leadership, conflict resolution, etc. along with hard skills in the specialisation students have taken up. Such a programme will train students in the skills required by a manager such as meeting of group targets, guiding the personnel associated with them, co-ordinating with other departments in the organisation and executing policies of senior management.

Managers at various levels in business enterprises need to deliver on different kinds of responsibilities. Having formal education, they will be able to develop themselves for the position they have to work in. They will be able to take the right approach towards their job.

A business education provides you with advanced skills in your chosen field, making you eligible for top jobs. An MBA is an investment in your future and if you make the right decisions regarding specialisation and the institutions, you can be fairly certain about forging a successful career. While pursuing the course, you will be able to hone the skills you have collected on the job and become a more experienced professional.

People desirous of carving out a successful career in management need to enrol in an MBA course which specialises in the field.

Learn more

here about such courses.

Top institutions offer specialisations in several fields such as finance, marketing, employee relations, etc.

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here about these courses. What you need to do is to analyse your career objectives and then pick a course that assists you in meeting them.

The author recommends the University of Leicester School of Management that offers management degree programmes recognised across the globe for quality.

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Building A Foundation For Education For Your Children

Building a Foundation for Education for your Children



A child needs guidance in every aspect of his life, and each child has a different way of being motivated.

Education for Kids

and such resources are mandatory for parents wanting to help jump start their child\’s education. The Various educational kits with informative


Books for Kids

offers everyday opportunities to enrich your child\’s learning in several areas (fine motor skills, language acquisition, and mathematics).

There are several good ways to help children discover their gifts, talking with children about their interests. Giving children feedback on things they do especially well, Giving children opportunities to explore their interests through projects. Consider how well you are doing the above with each child. Making plans to do more in areas of need. Weaknesses you can even see strengthen. The stubborn child can be seen as having strong character. The worrier can be seen as sensitive. Educational Kits consists of Books about Environmental Studies, Mathematical Aptitude, English Proficiency, logic Development and so on. Educational kits are designed and developed by month’s extensive research done by eminent faculty and a team of ex-IITians from different parts of the country. The kits will not only help the student in scoring more marks but will also enhance the IQ/ thinking ability of student for overall development. Useful for students of all Boards (CBSE/ICSE and state boards. Builds a strong foundation for NTSE, Olympiads, IIT-JEE, KVPY, PMT & other competitive exams. Self study is very critical for success of any student. Tuition at early stages negatively affects the thinking ability of a student. It is helpful to show children that wise people combine their gifts with other people’s gifts to accomplish many tasks. Discuss times when you family has worked with other people in order to accomplish something important. Every parent wants their child to study and do well in life. But they don\’t know how to do it. Many parents still believe that the schools should take total responsibility for their ward\’s education. Consequences and time out can be effective tools for teaching children when used with love and good sense. Think of times you have used each of these tools effectively or ineffectively. Most of the parents let anger or preaching get in the way of teaching. The difference is usually kindness. Parents play an important role in their children’s ability to have academic achievement. Every parent should be involved in Education for Kids

. In order for children to succeed in academics, there needs to be a good foundation in place in the home. There also needs to be routines, boundaries, support,

Books for Kids

and rules that govern the home. These components create stability and an environment that is conducive to learning and achieving success in their academics studies as well as in life in general.

AIETS provides services to educational institutes, schools, coaching centres under the brand of Mpower. AIETS currently provides

Education for Kids

with customized study material, test series, practice books, NTSE

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Ensure Your Child Has A Bright Future

Submitted by: Max York

Children mean the world to parents who will go to almost any extent to enable their kids to fulfil their potential. However, finances often become a problem when it comes to important phases of life such as higher education. With prices rising constantly, future expenses can only be expected to increase. However, if you act prudently today, you can give your child a better tomorrow with the help of a good children s insurance plan. Read on to find out how you can choose one that suits your requirement.

We will go to any limit to create sure our kids have entry to the best resources we can provide them with, but are we creating sure that they will have entry to the best opportunities? Often, finance is an essential aspect to make sure our kids can be everything they have imagined of being. In such situations, a good kid’s insurance strategy coverage from a well-known life insurance company can create all the difference. So how can you find child plans that go with your needs? Changes out it is not as hard as you think. The primary step, before doing your analysis on life insurance plans for kids, is to determine your goals. Based on your kid’s age, you will need to decide if you are preparing for the long-term or the short-term. At this level, it s also key to understand the cash you are looking to raise. If you are looking at profits in less than ten years, that would depend as a short-term objective. However, if your skyline expands to anywhere between a ten to twenty year interval, that is when we re discussing long-term.


Planning and performing early with respect to your benefits objective, whether it s wedding or education, gives you the time you need to mobilise the funds required for the financial commitment. Past data indicates that child life insurance plans generate excellent profits in the future, so the phrase of your financial commitment is pretty essential when choosing a strategy. In addition, consider how you would like the sum confident to be compensated out to you. Planning this allows you take care of advanced needs rather than just getting a group sum after the adulthood interval. Furthermore, analyze how your cash is being spent and is growing by keeping regular an eye on its success. If you purchase unit connected programs (ULIPs), you get rewards based on the performance of the financial commitment. What exactly is most essential is to require on a waiver of premium . What this means is that the child health plan or corresponding kid strategy that you have started carries on and is compensated for by the life insurance company even if something unpleasant happens to you.

That protects the essential viewpoints of the various children’s plans available. Other factors that you must consider when buying a kid’s insurance strategy coverage is to perform separate analysis and speak to insurance strategy coverage providers before putting in cash. Go with a organization that offers information up front and is clear and clear about the conditions and terms & conditions of the strategy. When it comes to these choices, it s is crucial to create a completely informed choice.

About the Author: Hi! I am a financial advisor and planner. Give your child a better tomorrow with the help of good child life insurance. Plan your child s future with proper child protection policy.


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Education: The Precious Gift Of Life Is For Everyone

Education: The Precious Gift Of Life Is For Everyone


Niti Sharma

Gurgaon the industrial and financial center of Haryana state has become one the well known city of North India. The city has shown a tremendous progress in its all round structure since its inception. The city one of the neighboring cities of Delhi. The city is hub to many multinational and outsourcing companies and hence has opened many job opportunities. The city has world class facilities and amenities and this makes it the most opted city for relocation.

Gurgaon has a dozen of reputed schools, colleges and Universities from where every year hundreds of students graduate and get enlightened by gaining the valuable education. Some of prestigious and inspiring institutes include Management Development Institute (MDI), IILM Institute of Higher Education, School of Inspired Leadership (SOIL), and ITM University. Also Apeejay College of Engineering and Ansal Institute of Technology are renowned institutes here. Schools of Gurgaon are CBSE and ICSE affiliated and are either run by government body or some private organization. The schools here are located near the residential locations to make it easy for students for commuting. Schools here have maintained their reputation by providing best possible facilities to the students and imparting them quality education. Red Roses Public School: Location-D-Block, Palam Vihar, Gurgaon.This school is a primary school which provides education till the eighth standard starting from the nursery class. The school is coeducational school and is CBSE affiliated and has English as its medium of education. The school envisions providing best education and world best school facilities to give a comfortable zone for proper learning. The school is one of the first three chain schools of the Red Roses School. The school has a top notch infrastructure and an active and efficient academic and co curricular program. Modern Montessori International Pre School: Location-D-Block, Near Vyapar Kendra, Palam Vihar, Gurgaon, Haryana. This play school is one of the finest schools in the city. The classes here are till the UKG.The whole study curriculum and non academic curriculum of the school is well managed and impeccable. The school provides an extensive education patter, yet the program is stress free and is something we call as learning became easy and much more fun. The school believes in providing its each and every student with equal opportunity. Bachpan Play School: Location-C/o Unique Infosys Computer Institute, Near Peer Mandir, V.P.O Manesar, Gurgaon, Haryana. This is one of the chain schools of the leading Bachpan play schools. The school envisions creating world class leaders of tomorrow who could take responsibility of themselves and the society they belong to. This nursery school has home like environment and a very dedicated group of faculty members give this school a cutting edge over other schools. Royal Oak International School: Location-Sector-110, Phase-II, New Palam Vihar, Gurgaon, Haryana. This international level school is situated in the posh locality of the city and has a lush green school campus area, away from the maddening city pollution and noise. The school has air conditioned class rooms and well designed rooms. is an educational website for admission in various schools across the India. Here you will find the list of Top ranking CBSE, ICSE, IGCSC, IB, Boarding, International and Play Schools in India category and city wise. Explore Nursery Schools in Gurgaon and public schools in gurgaonArticle Source: