The step-by-step project management process



In the service industry and the manufacturing industry companies take each new assignment as a project and work on it. Handling projects is not an easy task. It needs lots of research. A project that should be executed in a perfect way needs step by step approach and effective communication and co-coordination skills. Each industry has its own specific project management tools. However, the basic approach towards the project is almost same.

Some of the steps followed in the project management process are introduction, planning and designing, allotting resources, execution, monitoring, control and termination.

Launch of the project- This is the first stage of the project management process and it invites ideas. To make a new product or to launch a new service, we have to first set the target. It is in this stage the nature and scope of the project is identified. Some of the steps involved in the initiation stage are as follows:-

-Aim of the project

-Scope and nature of the project


-Resources to be allocated

-Cost and benefits

-Risks involved in the project

-Referring case studies

-Future of the project

By getting a proper answer to all these questions, we will get a clear picture about what we have to do in this project ?

Planning and designing In this step the objective of the project will be divided into different sections. So, creating a project plan is one of the key steps in the project management process. In the project plan the project coordinator will create a list of tasks that should be performed in each module. Then for each task a specific time will be allotted. The physical resource and the manual resource required for each task will be also recorded. The project plan will also have options to renegotiate the deadline and employing additional resources in case of any emergency. This makes it easy to handle each and every section of the project in an effective way. After planning the project, the next step is the designing of the project. In the designing section, each and every assignment will be designed as per the project requirement. Some industries use charts and graphs to explain the project. It is the planning and the designing section that gives a complete skeletal framework of the project. The planning section also includes budget allocation and team selection.

Allocation of resources After planning and designing, the project coordinator will allocate resources as per the requirement. As the need for resources vary according to the project, assigning resources is not a simple task.

Execution of the project The project will be executed according to the work defined in the project plan. The execution process involves allocation of manual and physical resources, integrating different types of activities and performing it. The products that should be delivered are manufactures in the project execution unit.

Monitoring Each and every section of the project should be tracked and managed in a well mannered way. Monitoring helps in identifying issues and correcting it. Monitoring and controlling process always go hand in hand.

Termination – When the deliverable products are produced according to the order, the last step is the termination. This is one of the crucial steps in the project plan. Here evaluation of the product and the project plan is taking place. If the manufacture things that the product has market, then there are chances for restarting the project. The scope of the project will be mentioned in the project closure report. Most of the product manufacturing facilities are located in remote locations, it needs proper security. You can find various types of security systems in the market. One of the widely used security system is the ADT Security services system. By shifting to ADT Security, your alarm service will be monitored by the ADT monitoring center staff on a on a 24/7 basis.

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