George Bush proposes economic growth package worth up to US$150 billion

Saturday, January 19, 2008

George W. Bush, the president of the United States has suggested an economic growth package that could be worth almost 1% of the United States’ GDP (the US GDP is appoximately US$15 trillion). The package is expected to come in the form of tax cuts.

In a speech which took place yesterday Mr.Bush said that the economy is an area of “real concern,” to the US government. He added that the US “economy is still creating jobs, though at a reduced pace.”

Democrats want the tax refunds to cover payroll taxes paid by lower-income groups and be combined with more unemployment benefits, food stamps and federal aid to states. It warned against bundling proposals to make Bush’s first term tax cuts permanent with the stimulus package, and the Bush administration has separated the two in this proposal.

When announcing the proposal George Bush said that “as Congress considers such a plan, there are certain principles that must guide its deliberations: This growth package must be big enough to make a difference in an economy as large and dynamic as ours — which means it should be about 1 percent of GDP.” He added that “this growth package must be built on broad-based tax relief that will directly affect economic growth — and not the kind of spending projects that would have little immediate impact on our economy. This growth package must be temporary and take effect right away — so we can get help to our economy when it needs it most.” He also added that he believed the package “must not include any tax increases.”

This growth package must be big enough to make a difference in an economy as large and dynamic as ours — which means it should be about 1 percent of GDP

In the speech George Bush also made it clear that he believes the package should be passed through congress quickly. He said that his belief was that by passing the package through congress quickly would “provide a shot in the arm to keep a fundamentally strong economy healthy. And it will help keep economic sectors that are going through adjustments, such as the housing market, from adversely affecting other parts of our economy.”

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‘Noise’ takes on ‘Fockers’ in weekend box office race

Friday, January 7, 2005

After two weekends of box office domination, Universal Pictures’ Meet the Fockers will be challenged for the top spot by horror film White Noise, also from Universal, which opens in wide release Friday.

To be considered in wide release, a film must open or play in at least 1,000 theatres throughout the U.S. and Canada. With Noise being the only new wide release movie for the weekend, it looks to take advantage of movie goers looking from a change from holiday themed film fare.

Noise is a come-back attempt for Michael Keaton, who hasn’t had a hit movie since 1992’s Batman Returns. But according to one critic, this film may not be a comeback hit for Keaton.

White Noise never gives skeptics a chance to enjoy the film. I also suspect even believers will be bored,” Jack Garner, film critic for Gannet News Service said. Garner’s not alone in panning the film. According to web site, 87 percent of film critics in its survey have given the film a bad review.

“The nominal thriller White Noise is worthy neither of Michael Keaton’s talents nor even a desperate horror fan’s attention,” Manohla Dargis, film critic for the New York Times, said.

But not all reviews were bad. Hollywood Reporter critic, Kirk Honeycutt said, “Even though logic takes a holiday in White Noise, Geoffrey Sax, a British television director making his theatrical debut, lavishes enough craft on the paranormal thriller to send more than a few chills down the spine.”

The movie faces stiff competition as five other films have a wider release, playing in more theatres and reaching a larger potential audience. Universal’s Meet the Fockers, the sequel to 2000’s Meet the Parents is playing in about 1,000 more theatres than Noise and could dominate the box office for a third weekend.

‘Fockers’, starring Ben Stiller, Robert De Niro, Dustin Hoffman and Barbra Streisand, has made $186.5 million since its release Dec. 22, according to Box Office Mojo.

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Four arrested in three Naperville, Illinois prostitution stings

Monday, March 15, 2010

An undercover investigation by Naperville, Illinois law enforcement has led to the arrest last Thursday of four people allegedly involved in prostitution. The stings came after police received tips that people were using websites like Craigslist and to sell sexual performances in Naperville hotels. 

Patricia H. Scoleri of Naperville was arrested after an unidentified neighbor observed consistently suspicious activity at Scoleri’s home. Traffic was unusually heavy and consisted mostly of luxury cars in an otherwise quiet, middle-class neighborhood. Also, the visitors were mainly middle-aged men, and an odd string of lavender-colored lights were hung on the front window.

Police say Scoleri worked alone. She was arrested at 2 p.m. local time (2000 UTC) and is charged with violation of anti-prostitution laws, anti-cannabis laws, and the Massage Licensing Act. She apparently has four children, but the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services has neither contacted her nor received a police report on her.

The second sting occurred at 5:30 p.m the same day (2330 UTC) and resulted in the arrest of Chicago resident Tonya M. Adams. She is charged with prostitution and driving without a license. Another sting about an hour later resulted in the arrests of Jessica M. Walley, a Skokie resident, and Mark A. Williams, a self-admitted Schaumburg gang member. “Walley was charged with prostitution and unlawful possession of cannabis. Williams was charged with pimping, obstructing a peace officer, driving with a suspended license and driving without insurance,” reports WBBM News Radio 780.

All four suspects are free, having paid the required ten percent of their $1,000 bail. They may face additional charges related to crack cocaine discovered during the police investigation. Arraignment is scheduled for next month at the DuPage County Circuit Courthouse in Wheaton.

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Pandering Conviction Upheld Even When Victim Is Already A Prostitute

Submitted by: Greg Hill

While it may seem counterintuitive to some, one can be convicted of pandering in violation of California Penal Code 266i(a)(2) even when the victim is already a prostitute, or at least represents herself to be one. Indeed, section 266i(a)(2) reads:

Any person who by promises, threats, violence, or by

any device or scheme, causes, induces, persuades or

encourages another to become a prostitute is guilty of

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Therefore, when Jomo Zambria was charged with, later convicted and then appealed (People v. Zambria (2011 DJDAR 7998)), his argument was that to become a prostitute meant one could not be convicted of pandering if the victim is already a prostitute, or holds herself out to be.

The underlying facts are that Zambria was caught in a police sting. Officer Erika Cruz was working undercover as a street prostitute in Los Angeles. Zambria drove by her, looked in her direction, did a u-turn in his truck and stopped about fifteen feet away from her. He lowered his window and told Cruz to get into his truck. When Cruz asked why, Zambria told her he was a pimp.

Cruz asked what Zambria meant. Zambria explained that he would take care of her. Cruz then told him she had $400 on her, to which Zambria demanded the money and said he would provide her with housing and clothing. Zambria then showed her a business card. Cruz then called in her backup and Zambria was arrested.

A search of Zambria s car revealed multiple cell phones and condoms. At the trial court level, an officer with experience in prostitution related crimes testified that it is common for pimps to have multiple cell phones and to provide prostitutes with condoms.

On appeal to the California Supreme Court, Zambria argued that the plain meaning of to become cannot apply to him because Cruz was posing as having already become a prostitute. The prosecution argued that to become means to engage in future acts of prostitution, regardless of the victim s status at the time of defendant s encouragement.

The California Supreme Court rejected Zambria s argument, citing to a 1973 case, People v Bradshaw (1973) 31 Cal.App.3d 421, which had analogous facts. In Bradshaw, the Court of Appeal made it clear that to become a prostitute was broadly construed to include changing business relations to include defendant s services. The Supreme Court noted that the purpose of the statute was to prevent persons from expanding or augmenting a prostitute s operations or to increase the supply of prostitutes. When a pimp offers protection and support, it increases the likelihood that prostitute can maintain or expand her activities.

The Supreme Court then went further, becoming somewhat sarcastic in tone. Noting that Zambria s argument could lead to mischievous and absurd results, for example, the court would have to determine whether the victim was an active prostitute and whether the victim was actually engaged in solicitation. In addition, Zambria s argument would necessitate analysis of whether the victim had other forms of employment. Also, the court would need to determine if a victim who had not been plying her trade for weeks transformed her into an inactive prostitute.

Lastly, the Supreme Court noted that section 266i(a)(2) had been amended six times since 1973, when Bradshaw was determined, but the legislature had never changed the to become phrase, implying that the legislature intended to preserve the broad interpretation Bradshaw gave to the statute.

As such, Zambria s conviction was affirmed.

About the Author: Greg Hill is a criminal defense attorney in Torrance, California. He graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy (Bachelor of Science, 1987), Boston University (M.B.A. 1994) and Loyola Law School (J.D. 1998). Visit his firm s website is at

or call him at (310) 782-2500.


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Mouse makes nest in cash machine, eats money

Sunday, April 1, 2007

In Estonia, a mouse made its nest in a cash machine and spent the weekend eating tens of thousands of kroons in bank notes. The critter was discovered after a customer making a withdrawal got half-eaten bills from the machine.

At some stage over the weekend the chewed money jammed, and the mouse seems to have spent the rest of the weekend turning the notes into bedding. It probably was attracted by the warmth from the machine and decided to make itself at home.

Experts are now investigating how the rodent was able to get into the ATM.

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Big shoes to fill at eBay

Saturday, June 4, 2005

There are often odd, unusual and controversial items up for sale on eBay – multi-million euro planes, the Pope’s old car and a young woman’s virginity, to name just a few. But how about the Prime Minister’s shoes?

Shoes custom designed for former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher have been put up for sale on eBay. The shoes, which have a reserve price of £2,930 (US $3,580), are currently owned by 65 year old Eleanor Graham. Ms. Graham bought them in a Sue Ryder charity shop after seeing a member of Thatcher’s staff drop them in the shop. She guessed that they would increase in value over the years, so Ms. Graham purchased them.

The Rayne shoes – which come in gold, silver and black suede – are size five and come with a letter received in 2001 from Ms Thatchers office confirming that she did wear Rayne shoes.

You can see the shoes at eBay by clicking here.

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Winter Baby Sleep Dressing Learned}

Winter baby sleep dressing learned


baby clothingWhen prospective parents know that to be born is a girl or a boy , in addition to past men take the name , probably the most important thing is repairing the baby clothes . Newborn baby sleeping two-thirds of the time , ” smug ” ingredients initial batch of clothes too few practical requirements heavier . Rather than choose unique baby clothes

for the baby , as it is more apt to pick pajamas , sleepwear but also cozy and also to protect it , not ordinary ……

Suitable for hot and cold , a little spectrum

The baby in the womb of time, regardless of seasons, the 24 hours have stayed constant temperature of 37 degrees “small sauna ” in , so even if born in the summer , once the baby is also a lot colder . Newborn baby , because thermoregulatory mechanism is not yet fully adapted to the external environment , it should keep warm, especially premature babies , the accumulation of subcutaneous fat is not sufficient, it is even more important to keep warm . Personal clothing is naturally the first layer of defense to keep the baby ‘s body temperature .

How many baby wear and is closely related to the ambient temperature around in the baby’s room inside to put a thermometer can help you to better observe changes in ambient temperature . In general, the room temperature is 22-26 degrees to let the baby feel the most comfortable temperature , the younger the baby relative to the desired temperature slightly higher . Of course, this does not mean that the more warm the more “safe” , if the temperature is too high , your baby will wear too much sleep , but also sweat rash , fever or other anomalies .

Many parents touched the baby’s hands and feet cold, always worried about the baby wear less , in fact, the development of the baby’s circulatory system is not perfect, peripheral limbs feels colder is normal. Determine the baby’s cold should touch the neck, chest and other parts, as long as these places are not cold enough to wear even if the baby . How many baby clothes can also be worn with a simple judgment – the same environment than adults to wear something on it.

Beware sensitive , well- selected clothing

Baby’s skin is very delicate , personal clothing should be selected on the skin gentle cotton material , some of the baby’s skin to certain synthetic fibers ( such as polyester and the like ) are more sensitive , compared with natural fiber cotton fabric makes your baby better regulate body temperature, increase comfort of the skin, so that the baby can sleep all night.

While the choice of the time , paying particular attention to the armpits and crotch baby clothes are soft because they are part of the regular activities of the baby , but also need to protect delicate skin . In addition, a layer of baby diapers is also close pajamas, cotton diapers should be used , or the inner surface of the material using soft cotton diapers .

In addition to the material of clothes, but also pay attention laundry way . Bought new clothes may remain above some irritating substance , preferably washed once after to give the baby to wear . Adult clothing contaminated with bacteria and more, the best clothes and wash baby clothes separately from adults , to avoid bacterial contamination hidden and use a mild neutral , do not add spice baby clothes special detergent , reduce irritation. While eliminating the hassle of disposable diapers washing , but also in the selection can not be a little sloppy , in addition to soft, like diapers with aloe vera skin layer and allow healthy baby , the parents at ease.

In addition, the color of baby clothes just for their own style cute baby dressed in choosing when to choose more front cardigan dress better, more convenient front cardigan and diapering mom to wear off , reducing the chance the baby naked body . While the baby’s underwear should choose a light color, so moms discover stains and Baby Autumn Family Wear Pajama Letter Printing Children

exception. Loose jumpsuit also very suitable for newborns, but when I wear a bit tricky .

Experts say : Why love sweating baby to sleep ?

Because compared to adults , infants skin moisture large, metabolism, skin moisture evaporation , too. Even newborn babies, the number of sweat glands has reached the adult level , the same number of sweat glands located in a small area of a lot of places, no wonder almost baby to sleep easier at night than adults Sweating .

Experts say : How your baby’s tender skin ?

Baby’s skin wanted to ” delicate ” known how specific tender , we told you from the following three aspects:

1 fear mill : neonatal epidermal only 1/ 10 the thickness of adults, a period of months to one year old , adult epidermis only 1/3 ; infants and small collagen fibers in the dermis , the lack of flexibility , is not easily penetration of foreign objects , but also easy to scratch damage.

2 afraid of the sun : the lack of baby skin melanin , the pigment layer is relatively thin , which not only let the baby looks white , very easy to be the sun’s ultraviolet sunburn.

3 Drying: fewer baby skin sebum secretion , leading to dry skin, is apt to cause allergies, and even folliculitis.

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Gunman shoots doctor, then kills mother and self at Maryland hospital

Thursday, September 16, 2010

A man shot a faculty physician as well as his own mother before killing himself at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. The shooting occurred on the eighth floor of the Nelson Building, the hospital’s main building. Baltimore police found the suspected shooter, who had been barricaded inside his mother’s hospital room for several hours before killing himself and his mother.

At around 11:15 a.m. EDT (1515 UTC), an unnamed doctor was shot in the chest at a patient area of the Nelson Building’s thoracic center. All major hospital facilities were placed under a lockdown, and some medical personnel were evacuated from the Nelson Building. The doctor was sent to surgery at the hospital, and police spokesperson Anthony Guglielmi said that the doctor will likely survive the incident. He was not aware of any connections between the suspect and the doctor, who was in critical condition.

A nurse at the hospital told The Baltimore Sun that the shooter was dissatisfied with how his mother had been treated and even said that he was going to jump out of a window. The nurse said that, upon hearing gunshots, she ran.

Earlier, Baltimore area police said that they were “in the process of a tactical operation” to capture the gunman, who was holed up on the eighth floor. A spokesperson for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) said that it had been assisting local police in the incident. A Johns Hopkins spokesperson had previously said that authorities had taken the shooter into custody, but police said that the report was incorrect.

The suspect, who had not taken any hostages, was described as a black man in his thirties. After a standoff lasting for three hours, law enforcement officers moved into his mother’s hospital room, and found both him and his mother dead from gunshot wounds to their heads. The suspect was first identified as 50-year-old Warren Davis, and his mother as Jean Davis. Police later said that “Warren Davis” was an alias and that his real name was not known.

Baltimore Police Commissioner Frederick Bealefeld, who said that the department is “treating this case as a murder-suicide,” said that no officers reported hearing the shots that killed the two. Police had previously said that the gunman had been shot and killed by police, but police later said that that report was incorrect.

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Three hostages return home to Florida

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Three American hostages – Marc Gonsalves, Thomas Howes, and Keith Stansell – that were being held in Colombia by FARC are now free. They are safely in Florida after their rescue by Colombian forces; 12 other hostages were rescued at the same time. They received care from the Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio before being sent home to their families. The men were taken captive when their drug surveillance plane went down in the jungles of Colombia in 2003 – more than 5 years ago. All three of the men were working for a subsidiary of Northrop Grumman Corporation at the time.

Keith Stansell emphasized that while he was grateful to be home, no one should “forget the people that are still there”. “Because of our rescue, there are fellow hostages that are still there,” Stansell said. He reminded those listening that some of the remaining hostages have already been in captivity for 10 years, in squalid conditions. “You wait for a day like yesterday and today, you know, for the end, you… you want it to end,” added Marc Gonsalves.

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16-year-old arrested over alleged plot to hijack US airliner

Saturday, January 26, 2008

A 16-year-old male from Novato, California has been arrested in Tennessee over allegations he intended to hijack a commercial passenger airliner in the United States.

The boy, who was unnamed due to his age, was a passenger on board Southwest Airlines Flight 284 from Los Angeles to Nashville on Tuesday, with his parents reporting him missing at 11:30 am the same day. Although he remained calm throughout the flight and made no hijacking attempt, authorities report he had handcuffs, duct tape and yarn inside the aircraft cabin with him. Although his arrest was only made public on Friday, it is reported that he was detained immediately on reaching Nashville International Airport.

George Bolds, a spokesman for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) said that the items were “suspicious” and that the boy had informed the FBI he had indeed intended to hijack the aircraft. An FBI agent told reporters that he felt the plot was ill-conceived, saying “His plan had a low probability of success.”

The FBI also conducted a search of his home on Thursday, finding in his room “a photograph of the inside of a small aircraft, something you’d find in a bookstore.”

Subsequent to his arrest he pled guilty on Friday to a “delinquent act,” according to local officials. A juvenile court judge ordered him to be returned to California for continued perusal of that charge as well as others set to be made. He is currently in Davidson County Juvenile Detention Center in Nashville.

Authorities believe that the teen was suicidal, but the FBI dismissed earlier reports alleging that he intended to crash the airliner into a Hannah Montana concert in Lafayette, Louisiana.

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