Why Choose An Accommodation Away From The City

byAlma Abell

Sometimes it is important to get away from it all, and rest for a while. When looking for an alternative accommodation, going to the country may be your best option. There are many reasons why people should consider going to a bed and breakfast or an inn in the country rather than a hotel in the city.

Good Reasons to Go to a B&B

There are many advantages to staying at a bed & breakfast, with one of the main ones being the opportunity to save money. Anyone who travels can get more for their money by seeking cheaper lodgings. Staying at a bed and breakfast is a good way to make the best of a tight travel budget.

Some of the other factors that make this is a good option include:

* The personal touch can never be replicated at a large hotel, no matter how grand it is. Many people like the fact that they have the opportunity to interact with the owners and staff if they want.

* The customer service is generally superb at many of these types of accommodations. The owners or operators take a more hands-on approach to ensuring that the guests are well treated.

* Being away from the hustle and bustle of the city is a big draw for many people. Even if you decide to venture outdoors, the setting is usually quiet.

* For people who want a home away from home atmosphere, an accommodation like this, especially if it is located in the country, is ideal. They can be away from their own residence yet still feel right at home.

* It provides an opportunity to get to know other guests staying at the lodge or B&B since there are fewer people. Guests often eat meals together, or take part in activities available in the area.

Some people also like going to an alternative type of accommodation in the country to enjoy the beauty of nature. They like the fresh air, and in many cases, the privacy these types of lodgings tend to provide. The fact that many bed and breakfasts offer great service even though they are cheaper than hotels is a big plus in their favour.

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Four Russian stores hit with gas attacks

Monday, December 26, 2005

In Russia’s second largest city, St. Petersburg, four gas attacks left more than 70 people ill. Devices with wires, timers, and glass vials of a gas determined on scene to be methyl mercaptan were found in outlets of Makisdom, a home improvement chain store. The chemical is both naturally occurring and manufactured and is used as an oderant for detection of propane or natural gas leaks.

Store officials have said that they had received threats that sales would be disrupted before New Year’s. Russians traditionally give gifts on the holiday. Police officials said they believed a commercial dispute or a prank not terrorism.

The local emergency hospital was overflowed from the influx of ill people from the attacks. Valentina Matviyenko, Governer of St. Petersburg, said that those who sought medical help were not suffering any further medical problems.

A custodian at one of the stores found the devices and alerted police. The devices were found at another store with their vials broken. The devices in the two other stores were carried outside by employees and covered with buckets. The police explosives experts defused them.

  • Interfax. “Gas Attack in Russian Store Poisons Dozens of Shoppers, Workers” — Bloomberg, December 26, 2005
  • “Russia gas attack sickens scores; commercial dispute suspected” — Jerusalem Post, December 26, 2005
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Colleges offering admission to displaced New Orleans graduate students

See the discussion page for instructions on adding schools to this list.Tuesday, September 13, 2005

NAICU has created a list of colleges and universities accepting and/or offering assistance to displace faculty members. [1]Wednesday, September 7, 2005

This list is taken from Colleges offering admission to displaced New Orleans students, and is intended to make searching easier for faculty, graduate, and professional students.

In addition to the list below, the Association of American Law Schools has compiled a list of law schools offering assistance to displaced students. [2] As conditions vary by college, interested parties should contact the Office of Admissions at the school in question for specific requirements and up-to-date details.

The Association of American Medical Colleges is coordinating alternatives for medical students and residents displaced by Hurricane Katrina. [3]

ResCross.net is acting as a central interactive hub for establishing research support in times of emergency. With so many scientists affected by Hurricane Katrina, ResCross is currently focused on providing information to identify sources of emergency support as quickly as possible. [4]

With so many scientists affected by Hurricane Katrina, ResCross is currently focused on providing information to identify sources of emergency support as quickly as possible.

Physics undergraduates, grad students, faculty and high school teachers can be matched up with housing and jobs at universities, schools and industry. [5] From the American Association of Physics Teachers, the Society of Physics Students, the American Institute of Physics and the American Physical Society.

If you are seeking or providing assistance, please use this site to find information on research support, available lab space/supplies, resources, guidelines and most importantly to communicate with fellow researchers.

The following is a partial list, sorted by location.

Alabama |Alaska |Arizona |Arkansas |California |Colorado |Connecticut |Delaware |District of Columbia |Florida |Georgia |Hawaii |Idaho |Illinois |Indiana |Iowa |Kansas |Kentucky |Louisiana |Maine |Maryland |Massachusetts |Michigan |Minnesota |Mississippi |Missouri |Montana |Nebraska |Nevada |New Hampshire |New Jersey |New Mexico |New York |North Carolina |North Dakota |Ohio |Oklahoma |Oregon |Pennsylvania |Rhode Island |South Carolina |South Dakota |Tennessee |Texas |Utah |Vermont |Virginia |Washington |West Virginia |Wisconsin |Wyoming |Canada

Danish PM pushes for new referendum on euro

Friday, November 7, 2008

Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the Prime Minister of Denmark, said on Tuesday that he will seek broad parliamentary support for a national referendum on joining the euro, the common currency of the Eurozone.

“I’m convinced that we need broad support in parliament to hold a referendum, because it’s about the Danish currency and about stability and safety,” he said, speaking at his weekly press conference. “Recent events have shown the necessity to give the population the opportunity to vote on Denmark joining the euro.”

Berlingske Tidende is reporting that Rasmussen is meeting with political leaders to negotiate support for the referendum.

In 1992, Danish voters rejected the Maastrict Treaty in a referendum. It was only able to pass the following year after the Edinburgh Agreement granted Denmark an opt-out of the third stage of the Economic and Monetary Union of the European Union (EMU).

In 2000, Denmark again rejected the common currency in a euro referendum. The current currency of the Scandinavian country is the Danish krone. As part of stage two of the EMU, the exchange rate of the krone is allowed to fluctuate within a ±2.25% range to the euro.

In order to maintain this peg Danmarks Nationalbank, the central bank, adjusts interest rates and performs foreign exchange operations by buying and selling currency. To do this, Danmarks Nationalbank has had to raise rates twice, even as other central banks, including the European Central Bank (ECB), were lowering rates to deal with the current economic crisis.

As a result, interest rates in Denmark are now 175 basis points higher than the ECB’s rates. As recently as May, the difference was only 25 basis points.

Rasmussen heads the Venstre party which leads a minority coalition government. The main opposition party, the Social Democrats, also support adopting the euro as the nation’s currency.

While there has long been support among the politicians, the euro has failed when it has been put before the voters. However, recent opinion polls have shown a growing support for the euro among Danes. The most recent of these have seen those in favor just topping the 50% level needed to pass a referendum.

Rasmussen has said he wants a referendum put before voters before 2011. His government had originally planned to hold a referendum this past September to abolish the EMU opt-outs, but that was scrapped when Ireland voted down the Treaty of Lisbon.

On October 30, while in Stockholm, Sweden, Rasmussen said: “The euro ensures political and economical stability in Europe and the current financial turmoil makes it evident that Denmark has to join the Euro.”

Analysts consulted by Berlingske Tidende have said that an endorsement from the Socialist People’s Party (SF) could prove to be the tide-turner.

“If there was a vote, then I would vote Yes. But I am of the opinion that it is stupid to hold a vote unless we first have a real debate. We haven’t had a debate in eight years and all arguments need to be tested,” said Margrete Auken of SF.

Kd Smart Electric Wheel Chairs: Your Gateway To Freedom For Achieving Goals}

KD Smart Electric Wheel Chairs: Your Gateway To Freedom For Achieving Goals


Rajeev SahadevanWhat makes the smart electric wheelchairs different from yesteryear wheelchairs is that they don’t need assistance in driving the chair around. It works with the help of electric charge from the batteries attached. The other difference is in the size of the wheels on which it rolls around. The modern age electric wheelchairs have smaller diameter wheels to attain minimum turning angle for moving in the smallest areas also. This feat was alien, many years back.

People who use wheelchairs will be forced to use them due to many reasons. The life does not stop the moment you sit down on a wheelchair. Life has to go on and so do all your vision and ways for success. It is your responsibility towards your life that you reach the goal, one way or the other. Wheelchair has got nothing to do with deciding this factor.

Here are the ways the modern electric wheelchairs such as KD Smart electric wheelchair helps you go on the path of success, without much compromises as you may have anticipated.

Helps you adapt to your living space

Whether it is inside your home or to the outside world, the electric wheelchair helps you adapt to the sudden change in the life. May be the change is temporary or it might also be permanent, what you need to focus is that the life still goes on. The world will be going on and it would be this wheelchair that helps you adapt to the world, in a new angle.

YouTube Preview Image

KD Smart wheelchairs are transportation friendly

The electric wheelchair can take you anyplace you want, as long as there is a ramp to get you. Almost everywhere, in buses, trains, trams, roads, malls even smaller shops have wheelchair accessible ramps. The only thing matter is if you can reach the wheelchair, all alone or need assistance. The options are various; you name it, these electric wheelchairs could fit in almost anywhere.

If you are going in car, you can either hire a taxi service that has wheelchair accessibility to make your car accessible for the wheelchairs, so that the chair itself could fit in. If your health allows you, you can also fold the wheelchair and fit right inside the truck, without much trouble.

All it requires is regular charging of the batteries

The KD Smart electric wheelchairs work on two lithium ion batteries that are rechargeable. It just needs regular recharging. If you are planning to go out, make sure you have the batteries ready and charged ahead.

The role it plays in achieving the goal

If you are independent to do all your work on your own, and you have your hands free to work, what is stopping you from continuing? Nothing, except your self confidence. Well, it may be easy to say and difficult to work on, but electric wheelchairs could make your life easier in many unexpected ways.

KD electric wheelchairs or any other wheelchairs of this genre need you to be fit and healthy in order to be prepared to carry the weight of the chair. Though it is light weight, it does have some weight on it. It urges you to keep working out to help you work your way. This way, any dependency you might have on others to carry the chair in and out of the car can be eliminated.

What extra you need to do

Using a wheelchair can change the life even at the minutest. The first thing you need to do is to reorganize the home so that you have better access to all the necessary things. The change might be simple, subtle, but necessary nonetheless. You might also want an electric point closer to the bed for the charging of the batteries.

Perspective has got a lot to do in achieving goals in life. The life on wheelchairs, even if it is for a few weeks or days could have a major life changing impact on many. Until now you might be talking the life for granted and the temporary inability will force you to look at the life in a different perspective. This helps trigger new thoughts and ideas. It might even make the set goal look closer than you thought it was.

KD smart electric wheelchairs are affordable and does not cost higher. It can make your life look easier and better that helps improve the self esteem of the person. Self esteem is the key to achieving the goals. You will face obstacles at every juncture in life, the wheelchair need not be one of them. Consider it as your ally and just go for it. Every person has some inability or other. Only yours is visible.

To know more about KD Smart electric wheelchairs, please visithttp://www.netbusinessreview.com/kd-smart-chair-electric-wheel-chair-kd-healthcare-company-usa/

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Pakistani general election likely to be postponed

Monday, December 31, 2007

The electoral commission of Pakistan held a meeting today to decide whether the general election of the country will go ahead as planned next week on Saturday January 8, 2008. A firm decision is expected on Tuesday; however, according to CNN, Election Commission Secretary Kanwar Dilashad told The Associated Press that a recommendation has been made to the Government to delay the election. It has not been stated how long this electoral delay will be, as no new projected date for the election has yet been proposed.

Violent civil unrest has occurred across Pakistan following the assassination of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leader Benazir Bhutto; although this is now drawing to a close, its impact threatens to jeopardize the general election, combined with the aftermath of the state of emergency only recently lifted by President Pervez Musharraf.

Prior to her death Bhutto had accused Musharraf of attempting to rig the balloting and had called for a boycott. However, leaders of the PPP and other parties sympathizing with Bhutto’s view have now indicated that they will not boycott the election when it is held. It was announced yesterday that nominal control of the PPP will be held by Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, Mrs. Bhutto’s son; however his father, Asif Ali Zardari, has declared an intention to handle party affairs on behalf of his son, on the grounds that he is still “of a tender age” at 19 years old. Mr. Zardari has stated that the PPP will contest the poll.

Wikinews interviews Joe Schriner, Independent U.S. presidential candidate

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Journalist, counselor, painter, and US 2012 Presidential candidate Joe Schriner of Cleveland, Ohio took some time to discuss his campaign with Wikinews in an interview.

Schriner previously ran for president in 2000, 2004, and 2008, but failed to gain much traction in the races. He announced his candidacy for the 2012 race immediately following the 2008 election. Schriner refers to himself as the “Average Joe” candidate, and advocates a pro-life and pro-environmentalist platform. He has been the subject of numerous newspaper articles, and has published public policy papers exploring solutions to American issues.

Wikinews reporter William Saturn? talks with Schriner and discusses his campaign.

Keep Your Belongings And Clear Space With Storage Garages

byAlma Abell

If you’re like most Americans, you probably have a lot of stuff in your home that you could stand to get rid of. Millions of people have a problem with hoarding items that they don’t need. Some people have boxes of clothes, shoes, and accessories that are years old, and that haven’t been worn or used in some time. These items only take up space and give your home a cluttered look. But what if you don’t want to throw these belongings away? The solution you’re looking for might be a Storage Garage.Storage services have been used for years here in the United States. There are tens of thousands of these services around the country. They allow customers to store everything from food to furniture. Some services even allow you to store large vehicles if the space permits you to do so.

These facilities charge storers a small fee once a month. You can usually find a space that can be rented for only a few dollars every 30 days. However, the cost to occupy the space is usually determined by the size of the Storage Garage. For instance, a 5×10 storage space will cost a little more to maintain than a 5×5 storage space.

There are a number of advantages to having a storage garage. One advantage is the fact that the storage area is accessible 24/7. All renters will have either an access code to enter the area or a physical key. The second advantage is the fact that these areas are being constantly monitored by security cameras and guards. All of this security means that you can rest assure that your property will be safe while you’re away.

Investing in a place like St. Anne’s Self Storage is also a great way to clean out your home. Millions of homes have attics and closets that are filled with newspapers, family pictures, old clothes, and other miscellaneous items. Yes, some of these items can be thrown away. However, if you have items that are taking up space, but that you’d like to also keep, you can simply store them in a storage facility. This way you can de-clutter your home and still keep your things.

Australian government announces $52.5 million financial assistance package for Ford

Friday, May 5, 2006

Australian Prime Minister John Howard and federal industry minister Ian MacDonald today announced that the federal government would be providing Ford Australia with a AU$52.5 million (US$40.4 million) “financial assistance package”. Additional assistance will also be provided by the Victorian state government.

According to Mr Howard, the injection will secure Ford’s manufacturing operations in Australia “for the long term”.

From the package, AU$40 million will be used for the design and manufacture of Ford’s next model Falcon and Territory vehicles, which will be built in Australia.

Despite being given a major facelift in 2002 and another in 2005, the Falcon’s bodyshell dates back to 1998. The current Falcon will need to serve the company until at least 2007 when the new model is anticipated. In the meantime, it will face stiff competition from the completely new Holden Commodore (the Falcon’s major competitor) which will be released in the second half of this year.

The additional AU$12.5 million will be spent on the development of a light commercial vehicle platform, which will be built overseas and marketed to around 80 countries. Mr Howard said that the light commercial project would involve construction of a research and development centre, which will become the base for R&D projects in the region.

Mr MacFarlane said that the research facility was exciting for Australia and that it would put the Australian automotive in the spotlight.

“The funding has helped Ford Australia secure the largest automotive R&D project ever undertaken in Australia which is equally exciting news for local Ford employees and Australian component producers” he said.

“The project will see Ford Australia become a centre for automotive design and engineering excellence in the Asia Pacific region which will bring spin-off benefits for the broader industry,”

“This opportunity will put both Ford Australia, and the Australian automotive and components sectors on the world map as far as our automotive design and engineering capabilities are concerned.” Mr MacFarlane said.

Mr Howard claims that the projects will create 273 jobs and secure the future of the “iconic” Ford Falcon, which has been built in Australia since 1960.

The financial package is conditional upon Ford Australia giving the Australian automotive component industry an opportunity to supply components for the vehicles produced by the two projects.

New fossils from 10 million year old ape found in Ethiopia

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Researchers say that new, ten million-year-old fossils found in Ethiopia, prove that the theory that humans may have evolved from a species of great apes eight million years ago, may not be true, but that humans may have split from apes as long as 10.5 million years ago.

At least nine fossilized teeth, one canine tooth and eight molars, of a previously unknown species of apes found in Africa were discovered by a team of researchers from Ethiopia and Japan who then compared the 3-D make up of the teeth to other fossils that date back as far as 8 million years and found that the fossils are likely a “direct ancestor” of apes currently living in Africa and that the new ape fossils were that of a species of gorilla who ate mostly plants high in fiber.

Current fossils and research say that the evolutionary split from apes to humans occurred at least eight million years ago. The new fossils say that the split may have happened as long as 10.5 million years ago.

“Based on this fossil, that means the split is much earlier than has been anticipated by the molecular evidence. That means everything has to be put back,” said researcher at the Rift Valley Research Service in Ethiopia and a co-author of the study, Berhane Asfaw.

Despite the finds, other researchers are not convinced that the findings are correct.

“It is stretching the evidence to base a time scale for the evolution of the great apes on this new fossil. These structures appear on at least three independent lineages of apes, including gorillas, and they could relate to a dietary shift rather than indicating a new genetic trait,” said a Professor at the London Natural History Museum in the United Kingdom, Peter Andrews who also added, “but the fossil evidence for the evolution of our closest living relatives, the great apes, is almost non-existent.

Researchers have named the newly discovered species Cororapithecus abyssinicus whose remains were found in the Afar Region of Ethiopia, the same place where the remains of Lucy were discovered in 1974.