Sunday, January 1, 2017

On Thursday, William Salice, credited with creating Kinder Surprise eggs, died at age 83 in Pavia, Italy because of a stroke, according to his foundation “Color Your Life Campus”. Salice had worked with the businessman Michele Ferrero in the 1960s, the creator of the Nutella cream and owner of Ferrero Rocher. Ferrero died in 2015.

In 1974, Kinder Surprise was launched with plastic toys, which are sold within the eggs to surprise children. Due to this, the sale of Kinder eggs is prohibited in the US. A 1938 US law prohibits the sale of food containing objects in its interior. It is also prohibited in Chile, due to an obesity-reduction law brought in last year. Last year a three-year-old girl died in France, swallowing the plastic toy.

In 2007, after his retirement, Salice founded Color Your Life Campus from his retirement bonus of €400,000 in Italy. It aims to help young people between the ages of thirteen and eighteen discover and develop their own talents. Salice’s career spanned 46 years.

Since 2013, the Kinder Surprise Company has been taking care of continuing the manufacture and processing of chocolate eggs. According to the company, the chocolate egg has 32% milk and 15% cocoa in its composition.

Australian women to meet USA in water polo’s FINA Women’s World League Super Finals gold medal game

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Overnight in China, the Australia women’s national water polo team beat the China women’s national water polo team 8–7 in the FINA Women’s World League Super Finals semi finals to qualify for the gold medal match later tonight against the United States women’s national water polo team who beat the Greece women’s national water polo team 7–6 in their own qualifying match.

Australia trailed the Chinese 0–2 at the end of the first quarter before coming back to win. They were down 0–4 at one point before battling back for the win. Australia finished the second period with 3 goals, scored 3 more in the third period with China only able to score 2, and beat China in scoring in the fourth period with 2 goals to 1.

In the qualifying game between the United States and Greece, Courtney Mathewson and Kami Craig led the United States in scoring with two goals each. Ann Arbor, Michigan based goal keeper Betsey Armstrong had seven saves in net for her team. Greece performed better than Team USA during power plays, capitalising on one of their three shots while the United States was unable to score on any of their six opportunities.

The gold medal game is to be played at 19:00 local time in Changshu, China immediately following the bronze medal match between China and Greece being played at 17:40 local time. It will be a rematch of the VISA Water Polo International final, which Australia won.

In other matches played yesterday, the Germany women’s national water polo team beat the Canada women’s national water polo team 15–13 in an overtime penalty shootout to qualify for the fifth place match in their inaugural appearance in the competition, while the Russia women’s national water polo team beat the Italy women’s national water polo team 17–4. The fifth place match between Germany and Russia is to be played at 16:20 local time, while the seventh place match between Canada and Italy are to kick off the final round at 15:00 local time.

Blow out sales prices likely on mattresses as new U.S. fire-resistant standards take effect

Blow out sales prices likely on mattresses as new U.S. fire-resistant standards take effect
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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

If you are in the market for new bedding, and not too concerned with the new United States guidelines for mattress fire resistance, now might be a good time to buy. Mattresses sold in the U.S. must meet new federal guidelines for flammability starting on July 1.

The peak heat release rate is limited to 200 kW during a 30 minute test. The total heat release is limited to 15 MJ within the first 10 minutes.”

The flammability of mattress sets sold in the U.S. is subject to a new mandatory federal regulation requirement passed by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) on February 16 last year. The requirement, costing mattress manufacturers an estimated $100 million to meet, is scheduled to take effect on July 1. The commission anticipates that the new standards will save 270 lives and 1,330 injuries per year from mattress fires.

“We’ve passed a new open flame regulation and the whole idea behind the regulation is to make sure that if a mattress catches on fire that the fire burns slowly enough that people have enough time to get out of the house and get away,” said Hal Stratton, chairman of the CPSC

Radio and TV advertising spots are reacting to the new regulation by discounting prices on mattresses that fail to meet the new guidelines. Sales made in the mattress industry, like the automobile industry, are highly negotiable on price. The new regulation does not appear to have much “teeth” for mattresses already in the distribution pipeline, but it is a new law that is a bargaining position for potential buyers.

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New Zealand recycles old computers for free

New Zealand recycles old computers for free
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Monday, September 4, 2006

Saturday, September 2nd, Wellington held a computer recycling day for free hosted by computer maker, Dell. Now Auckland is looking to host one of their own.

During the recycling day, sponsored by Environment Ministry and Computer Access New Zealand Trust, Dell New Zealand took in more than 30 tonnes of obsolete equipment by 1,200 people at Wellington’s Westpac Stadium. Instead of the equipment going to a landfill where it is unable to decompose and will leak chemicals into the ground, 97% of all equipment collected will be recycled.

Susan McGregor, an Auckland City Council spokesperson, said: “There is a regional forum looking into waste disposal; but to date there is only a scheme for hazardous material to be collected separately by the council. It [the council] would welcome computer companies taking some responsibility for disposing of old computer ware.”

Dell has indicated it will hold another PC clean up next year.

According to Dell, out of the 6.3 million New Zealand computers, 250,000 of them are old and obsolete, mainly because most computer owners, according to a survey, will upgrade their computers every two to five years.

Sydney, Australia had recently hosted one of their own computer recycling days; however Wellington’s event was four times more successful.

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  • 9 August 2018: Real Madrid agrees with Chelsea FC to sign goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois
  • 8 August 2018: Football: Manchester City beats Chelsea 2-0 to win English Community Shield
  • 6 August 2018: Brazilian footballer Gabriel Jesus signs contract extension with Manchester City
  • 6 August 2018: Spanish football: Sevilla signs Aleix Vidal from FC Barcelona
  • 5 August 2018: FC Barcelona signs Chilean footballer Arturo Vidal from Bayern
  • 4 August 2018: French footballer Lucas Digne joins Everton FC on five-year contract
  • 25 July 2018: German footballer Mesut Özil announces retirement from international football over ‘racism’
  • 16 July 2018: France beats Croatia 4-2 to win 2018 FIFA World Cup
  • 16 July 2018: FIFA World Cup 2018: Belgium beats England 2-0 to claim third place finish
  • 15 July 2018: English football: Chelsea announces Maurizio Sarri as their head coach

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Is Online Business For Me?

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Submitted by: Carla Loteria

How to know if setting up an Online Business right for you & what type of business fits you

Putting up an online business is not something to take lightly because of the investment and long-term relationship involved. So make sure to ask yourself the following when considering & planning what type of online business is right for you.

1. Do I know what I really want in life? There are many kinds of businesses to consider, including but not limited to fast food, service, professional business service, restaurants, and retail. Each type has its own set-up and rules, so you need to know which you are more comfortable working under. To do this, it is recommendable to ask a consultant to assess your likes and dislikes, the kind of people you are comfortable with, and the kind of situations that will make you happy. Once you know yourself, look for online business men with the same goals and a value as yours, one who is committed, dedicated, adheres to quality standards and continually seeks to improve his or her business.

2. Do I consider the opinions of others? Business man will be buying into a set of working systems developed by their owners from experience. Asking for professional advices is always worth the effort when your business is in the midst of difficulty. If you have your own idea in solving a certain problem, it is better to consult others that know the problem better, expert s opinion will be more helpful than fixing it on your own.

YouTube Preview Image

For example, If you have a bug on your website, fixing it on your own may cause more troubles, so try hiring some web developer or web master for part time. There are many outsourcing companies that provide part time remote staff or virtual assistant than can work on per hour basis for less expenses on you end.

3. Do I believe in the product or service? A strong belief in the brand is a good point to consider when choosing the right type of business for you. For example, selling lingerie is the product you chose to sell online, the question is, are you really interested in lingerie yourself?

If the product catches you heart, you might do better producing your own product or service based on what you are passionate about.

4. Do I know the perfect spot? Online business (specially selling products) does not necessarily requires an office; mostly online business owners have their office in their own house. But in a business that deals with professional services, it is common that the client requires an office to have their virtual assistant in-house. This is to ensure that their VA will be monitored well inside the office.

But having an office should be accessible for the client that wants to visit your site and meet the staff personally for them to make sure the legitimacy of the business.

5. Do I have the resources You must be willing to invest from $3,000 or more depending of what type of business of your choice in building a web-based business, this is inclusive of web programmer / web designer, web hosting and a team of virtual assistant for web maintenance.

If you answered the questions positively, then you might be one of the perfect online business men. Still not sure? Ask an online consultant or expert online business man, visit us at

Visit us at

About the Author: Head, Marketing DepartmentRemoteWorkmate Virtual Assistant


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Mats Hummels completes Bayern signing

Mats Hummels completes Bayern signing
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Thursday, May 26, 2016

On Monday, German football club FC Bayern Munich completed the signing of Mats Hummels, who captained Bayern’s rivals Borussia Dortmund this past season. 27-year-old defender Hummels, who was an academy player at Bayern before moving to play for Borussia Dortmund, agreed to a five-year deal.

I’m looking forward to everything that awaits me at FC Bayern. I’m very excited.

Hummels underwent medical tests on Monday before signing the contract. Bayern’s chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge said “We’re delighted to welcome Mats back to FC Bayern, […] Not only are we strengthening our squad with a world-class centre-back, but also with a player who accepts responsibility and who is our own youth product. First of all we wish him a successful Euro 2016.” ((de))German language: ?Wir freuen uns, Mats zurück beim FC Bayern begrüßen zu dürfen […] Mit ihm bereichern wir unsere Mannschaft nicht nur um einen Innenverteidiger von Weltklasse-Format, sondern auch um einen Spieler, der Verantwortung nicht scheut und noch dazu aus unserer Jugend stammt. Jetzt wünschen wir ihm erst einmal eine erfolgreiche Europameisterschaft.

Hummels joined the Bavarians in 1995 when he was six years old. He played only one Bundesliga match for the Reds before he was loaned to Dortmund and later signed for them. He played his last game for Borussia Dortmund on Saturday in the DFB-Pokal Cup final, which Bayern won 4–3 on penalties.

After the signing was completed, he said “Saying goodbye to Dortmund was difficult for me of course. It was similar to 2008, when it was the other way around […] Now I’m looking forward to everything that awaits me at FC Bayern. I’m very excited.” ((de))German language: ?Der Abschied aus Dortmund ist mir natürlich schwergefallen. 2008 ging es mir ähnlich, als ich den Weg in die andere Richtung gemacht habe […] jetzt freue ich mich einfach auf alles, was mich beim FC Bayern erwartet. Ich bin sehr gespannt.

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NZ man stabbed in the face with a 15-centimetre knife

NZ man stabbed in the face with a 15-centimetre knife
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Friday, July 7, 2006

A 36-year-old man, who is yet to be named, is undergoing surgery after an attacker lodged a knife through one cheek and out the other. The handle broke off, leaving the 15-cm (about 6 inches) blade inside him. The man was rushed to hospital today, July 7, at about 2 a.m. NZST. The attack occurred last night after a domestic row in Albany on Auckland‘s North Shore.

New Zealand Police report that the knife just missed his optic nerve and his condition is stable and not life threatening.

John Chaplin, head and neck surgeon said, “the man could be treated relatively simply. The major blood vessels of the head were further back in the neck and the knife could be relatively easily removed in an operating theatre where bleeding could be controlled.”

The police have issued an arrest warrant for Vance Paraki Tuheke, 31-year-old, in relation to the attack.

The victim may suffer from some facial numbness.

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Pakistan Navy fires test missiles

Pakistan Navy fires test missiles
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Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Pakistan Navy has announced the firing of test missiles from ships, submarines, and aircraft during operations in the Arabian Sea.

Pakistani officials said that the tests were a display of commitment to the protection of Pakistan and sent “a message of deterrence to anyone harbouring nefarious designs against Pakistan”. The statement, released shortly after the operation, also said that the tests were designed to measure the “lethality, precision and efficacy” of the weapons.

Pakistan’s Naval Chief, Admiral Noman Bashir, was a witness to the event, and said that he was pleased with the tests, saying that he was satisfied with the state of the Pakistani Navy. He also commended the performance of the Navy personnel involved with the tests.

The maneuvers included tests of newly acquired missiles of a Chinese design, and came just a month after India tested a missile of similar design to some of the Pakistani weapons. India’s test involved a missile capable of carrying nuclear weapons, although it was unclear if Pakistan’s test included weapons capable of carrying a nuclear warhead.

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Different Services A Veterinary Hospital In Bowie Offers

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byAlma Abell

Many people have pets as parts of their families. Pets are loved and taken care of as if they are members of the families. Because of that, when a pet gets sick or needs medical attention, the pet owners only want the best for them regarding their medical needs. There are many different veterinary hospitals and clinics in a given area. Choosing one to take a pet to does depend on the owners, their financial status, and the services offered by that particular clinic or hospital. Below is a closer look at a veterinary hospital in Bowie and the different services offered.

YouTube Preview Image

Services Pet Owners Look For

When it comes to finding a veterinarian for a pet, people look for specific qualities in business. First, they want an experienced and caring person that will take proper care of their pet in their time of need. Secondly, it is important that the hospital or clinic offers a wide array of services. For examples, advanced treatment options, the ability to do perform surgical procedures as well as lab work, dental work, and more should all be available. Other options include boarding kennels, grooming, and obedience classes. The availability of such choices in one place makes it easier for owners because it’s convenient for them.

A Closer Look At One Hospital

One veterinary hospital in Bowie is Gambrills Veterinary Center. They offer many of the services mentioned above to take care of the different pets while being very convenient for the owners. Pet owners can visit the website to learn more about the services, financing, and other options involving the care of their pet. Being a full-service clinic, the hospital not only offers advanced care and treatment plans but also daycare, grooming services, boarding options, obedience classes, and more.

As stated before, pets are like family to many people. When they need medical attention, owners only want what is best for their pets. Finding a hospital that will take great care of them is very important. Fortunately, there are many hospitals in the area that offer wonderful services to ensure that pets are taken care of properly. Visit the website for more information.

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