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Submitted by: Gary Pettit

It can be easily said that organizing a wedding is a challenge, filled with options and compromises. Fortunately, this article provides many helpful tips and tricks for wedding planning and will help you plan a great and memorable wedding.

On the days leading up to your wedding, try to limit the amount of stress that you have by doing pilates and exercising a lot. This will help you to reduce the amount of anxiety that you have so that you can be in good shape and in good spirits when the big day comes.

Be sure to have many drink options available at your wedding. Not everyone enjoys the same things and will be happier with a large selection to choose what type of drink they would like. When there is alcohol being consumed, be sure to keep hydrating drinks available, such as lemonade and tea.

Ethnic catering can give your reception that extra spice your guests crave. Chicken and steak have been done to death, so you may want to branch out a little. Make sure that your wedding feast is something that everyone will remember for years to come.

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Get properly fitted underwear for your wedding. A comfortable and supportive bra will not only ease the pressure on your back and shoulders, but also adjust your shape to give you a flattering look. Find a good lingerie store in your area who will fit you and order you the correct undergarments.

Photographs that couples won’t think of can make their wedding album special. If you’re doing the photography, make sure to take photos of all the small things, including the rings, bouquet, invitations, program, tables, cake, food, menu, and lots of candids of the guests arriving. You can find more ideas in wedding magazines as their photography will be top notch.

Make sure to let any parents attending your wedding know the itinerary for your day so they can work situations like naps, changing diapers, feedings, or bedtimes into the schedule. They can also plan to have a babysitter, if necessary, and know when they’ll have to leave to go home to relieve her.

When inviting parents to your wedding, consider what time it will be held if they’re planning on bringing their kids. A night-time wedding with a reception that runs into the wee hours of the morning will not work well for children, so either move your ceremony to an earlier time or provide accommodation for children to have a nap during the reception.

Make the most of your winter wedding by incorporating distinctive natural elements into your decor. For example, look for a venue that will allow guests to enjoy a roaring fire, and the scent of fresh evergreen boughs. Further adding to the cozy touch of winter, feature gourmet hot cocoa, spiced apple cider, or rich wooden accent pieces.

Health-conscious lovebirds can opt for gluten-free wedding cakes, appetizers, and refreshments. Instead of sweets loaded with wheat, many bakeries now offer options that are entirely free of gluten. These cakes, cookies, and edible favors include ingredients like potato flour, which can be used to bake delicious, light, and healthy treats that can be enjoyed by everyone.

When making plans for table sitting, make sure the number of guests is even at each table. Also group tables by age, to help them find things to talk about.

Whether you are making decisions regarding your invitations, the ceremony, itself, or the reception, this article can help you to make those decisions confidently and with a minimum of stress. There are quite a few resources to help you have the best wedding you possibly can and to make it a perfect day.

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Trade hall roof collapses in Poland

Saturday, January 28, 2006


The roof of a trade hall in Metropolian Katowice (district Chorzów and Katowice), Poland has collapsed. Officials said there are at least 67 fatalities and at least 160 people were injured. More than 125 people are still believed to be trapped inside the building.

“Luckily nothing happened to me, but I saw a macabre scene, as people tried to break windows in order to get out. People were hitting the panes with chairs, but the windows were unbreakable. One of the panes finally broke, and they started to get out by the window,” said survivor Franciszek Kowal.

Victims have been transported to hospitals in the mining area.

The trade hall was holding a pigeon exhibition [1] and the collapse is believed to have been caused by large amounts of snow on the roof. At least 500 people were believed to be inside when the roof collapsed.

Jaroslaw Wojtasik a spokeman for the Katowice fire brigade said, “the weight of snow likely caused the roof to cave in at about 5:30 p.m., less than two hours before the event was scheduled to close for the evening.”

“From our crisis centres, we have found there are about 20 fatalities. We don’t know if foreigners are among them,” said Andrzej G?ska, spokesman for the regional police department.

Rescuers are concerned that people trapped may die from hypothermia due to the freezing temperatures (currently about -15 degrees Celsius in Chorzów ).

People standing outisde the building were helping rescuers and those that were injured into emergency vehicles.

Computer professionals celebrate 10th birthday of A.L.I.C.E.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005


More than 50 programmers, scientists, students, hobbyists and fans of the A.L.I.C.E. chat robot gathered in Guildford, U.K. on Friday to celebrate the tenth birthday of the award winning A.I. On hand was the founder the Loebner Prize, an annual Turing Test, designed to pick out the world’s most human computer according to an experiment laid out by the famous British mathematician Alan Turing more then 50 years ago. Along with A.L.I.C.E.’s chief programmer Dr. Richard S. Wallace, two other Loebner prize winners, Robby Garner and this year’s winner, Rollo Carpenter, also gave presentations, as did other finalists.

The University of Surrey venue was chosen, according to Dr. Wallace, not only because it was outside the U.S. (A.L.I.C.E.’s birthday fell on the Thanksgiving Day weekend holiday there, so he expected few people would attend a conference in America), but also because of its recently erected statue of Alan Turing, who posed the famous A. I. experiment which inspired much of the work on bots like A.L.I.C.E. University of Surrey Digital World Research Centre organizers Lynn and David Hamill were pleased to host the event because it encourages multi-disciplinary interaction, and because of the Centre’s interest in interaction between humans and computers.

File:ALICE Birthday Cake.jpg

Dr. Wallace gave a keynote address outlining the history of A.L.I.C.E. and AIML. Many people commented on the fact the he seemed to have moved around a lot in the last ten years, having lived in New York, Pennsylvania, San Francisco, Maine, Amsterdam and Philadelphia, while working on the Alicebot project. The A.L.I.C.E. and AIML software is popular among chat robot enthusiats primarily because of its distribution under the GNU free software license. One of Dr. Wallace’s PowerPoint slides asked the question, “How do you make money from free software?” His answer: memberships, subscriptions, books, directories, syndicated ads, consulting, teaching, and something called the Superbot.

Rollo Carpenter gave a fascinating presentation on his learning bot Jabberwacky, reading from several sample conversations wherein the bot seemed amazingly humanlike. Unlike the free A.L.I.C.E. software, Carpenter uses a proprietary learning approach so that the bot actually mimics the personality of each individual chatter. The more people who chat with Jabberwacky, the better it becomes at this kind of mimicry.

In another interesting presentation, Dr. Hamill related present-day research on chat robots to earlier work on dialog analysis in telephone conversations. Phone calls have many similarities to the one-on-one chats that bots encounter on the web and in IM. Dr. Hamill also related our social expectations of bots to social class structure and how servants were expected to behave in Victorian England. He cited the famous Microsoft paperclip as the most egregius example of a bot that violated all the rules of a good servant’s behavior.

Bots have advanced a long way since philanthropist Hugh Loebner launched his controversial contest 15 years ago. His Turing Test contest, which offers an award of $100,000 for the first program to pass an “audio-visual” version of the game, also awards a bronze medal and $2000 every year for the “most human computer” according to a panel of judges. Huma Shah of the University of Westminster presented examples of bots used by large corporations to help sell furniture, provide the latest information about automotive products, and help customers open bank accounts. Several companies in the U.S. and Europe offer customized bot personalities for corporate web sites.

Even though Turing’s Test remains controversial, this group of enthusiastic developers seems determined to carry on the tradition and try to develop more and more human like chat bots. Hugh Loebner is dedicated to carry on his contest for the rest of his life, in spite of his critics. He hopes that a large enough constituency of winners will exist to keep the competition going well beyond his own lifetime. Dr. Wallace says, “Nobody has gotten rich from chat robots yet, but that doesn’t stop people from trying. There is such a thing as ‘bot fever’. For some people who meet a bot for the first time, it can pass the Turing Test for them, and they get very excited.”

Errant monkeys draw the ire of Delhi court

Errant monkeys draw the ire of Delhi court
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Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Delhi High Court expressed its displeasure to the civic authorities on their continued failure to resolve the problem of marauding monkeys in the court premises. The court was in session when the public interest litigation filed by a Supreme Court lawyer was brought to its attention.

The petitioner Mr.Nirmal Chopra argued the case and explained how the simians showed up during work hours and attacked people and snatched food from them. The rhesus monkeys have also been blamed for damaging furniture belonging to the lawyers and courtroom fixtures such as electrical fittings. According to Mr.Chopra India‘s Wildlife Act of 1972 empowers civic authorities to kill or hunt animals when they endanger human life. He said that the lawyers from the Tis Hazari court had requested the state government and the municipality to tackle the situation but no action had resulted.

The lawyer for the civic authority was quoted by the Press Trust of India as saying that catching monkeys was no longer its responsibility. The court was informed that a monkey catcher hired by the municipality had required 72 stitches after being mauled during an operation. After this incident the work had to be halted because other monkey catchers refused to take up the job.

The court gave the civic authority four more weeks to catch the monkeys that are disrupting work at the Tis Hazari courts. “If you cannot perform your statutory duty, then close down your institution” the court is reported to have told the counsel.

Delhi is known to suffer from trouble brought on by monkeys. The animals are reported to invade homes, schools and government offices in the city. Scores of animals have moved in as the city expands into surrounding forests. In an effort to control the problem, the Delhi administration captured about 500 monkeys and took them to the outskirts of the city last year.

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Create Your Website In A Few Hours}

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Create your website in a few hours


Carmen Shah

Online web identity is the real need of modern day life. Internet has become the integral part of our lives and everyone needs to have his/her online identity. Now the question arises “How can we create our online identity?”. Well.. it was done by hiring a web developer till a few years back but now a days, one can find certain software known as content management system (cms) by which one can easily create his or her own website. They are really easy to operate and follow “what you see is what you get” (WYSIWYG) style. “WYSIWYG” is the functionality by which you may see the end result while creating the product. Does not it sense something weird? Yes, but the reality is there are best content management system

with rich functionalities.

Content management system is a software which makes the life of webmasters and owners of sites much easier by providing advanced technologies for making a website without taking any pain about the syntax of html/css as the best content management system take care all of such problems.

It gives you the opportunity to make all the content of your web site in a well organized manner and includes a lot of features that makes it possible for a lay man or a man with no knowledge of html/css, data base systems can build a web site which can be more good looking and much more complied with W3c standards than a website or blog created by a webmaster.

It was necessary some years back to get a good hand on html/css when building your own website or blog. But in the current scenario science and technology is too much improved as compared to some years back and now the speed of man kind’s progress is 100 times faster than ever. Now every one needs some thing like content management system, that a person who do not know anything about web site building can make his or her own website better than any site created by a web programmer and more importantly it only takes a few hours.

Whenever I used the term CONTENT, most of the people think that it is only about text but in the field of content management system, content means every thing which one can use on his or web site like it can be pictures, videos, voice clips, documents with different extensions, forms, banners, all the text like articles or speeches etc…

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Some of the key features of the best content management system are listed below:

01- It should have some standard template which should also support CSS.

02- It must be W3C compliant

03- It should have the feature of browser based content creation and modification.

04- It should have all the features of some editing software like Microsoft word.

05- One should be able to create unlimited categories and then sub categories.

06- It should be available in multiple languages.

07- Sharing between the users should be so easy.

08- Admin must be able to grant several levels of privileges to different users like editing, creating and removing content.

09- There should be some built in feature that take care of all the stuff like reporting or some thing like auto updating of site at some time.

10- It should be able to take care of media items like folders and sub folders.

11- It should also generate some reports automatically to see the popularity of content.

12- It should also take care of link directories, polls, news etc…

13- Most importantly, the application itself should be safe,secure and robust.

There is a wide range of online content management system

available in the market. Some are freely available and some companies charge for their product. Now it all depends upon the user to choose open source content management system which is freely available (recommended if you have web development skills and have enough time to fix issues) or to buy any paid content management system, enriched with outstanding features.


I am Carmen from Streamwood, USA and I am writing lover. I write about my personal experiences and spread the words which I like and dislike.Thanks

best content management system


web site content management systems

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Hydrogen fuel cell cars promoted in various states, but U.S. federal funding cut

Hydrogen fuel cell cars promoted in various states, but U.S. federal funding cut
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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

American Secretary of Energy Steven Chu is cutting US$100 million dollars from hydrogen fuel cell vehicle research and diverting the remaining $69 million to hydrogen fuel cell research for household current.

Former president George W. Bush advocated the zero-emission vehicles and launched $1.2 billion for hydrogen fuel cell research over a number of years.

President Barack Obama is proposing a “corporate average fuel economy,” or CAFÉ, placing standards for gas mileage at 39 miles per gallon for cars and light trucks at 30 mpg.

“The probability of deploying hydrogen-fuel-cell vehicles in the next 10 to 20 years is low.” said Tom Welch of the U.S. Department of Energy. “We asked ourselves, ‘Is it likely in the next 10 or 15, 20 years that we will convert to a hydrogen car economy?’ The answer, we felt, was ‘no,'” said Chu.

In response, the U.S. Fuel Cell Council and the National Hydrogen Association said, “The cuts proposed in the DOE hydrogen and fuel-cell program threaten to disrupt commercialization of a family of technologies that are showing exceptional promise and beginning to gain market traction. Fuel-cell vehicles are not a science experiment. These are real vehicles with real marketability and real benefits. Hundreds of fuel-cell vehicles have collectively logged millions of miles.”

“I just got the Clarity, which is a wonderful hydrogen vehicle,” said Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. He lent his car to The Hydrogen Road Tour.

On Tuesday, The Hydrogen Road Tour began in Chula Vista, California. Twelve hydrogen fuel cell cars by seven auto makers will arrive in Vancouver, British Columbia June 3 for the Hydrogen + Fuel Cells 2009 conference, a global hydrogen and fuel cell event. “The point really is to raise awareness about fuel celled vehicles and hydrogen, their benefits both to energy efficiency and the environment as well as to consumers because we really believe these vehicles are going to be a market winner,” said Catherine Dunwoody, the Executive Director of the California Fuel Cell Partnership.

The Hydrogen Fuel Cells 2009 conference began June 1. “Our global environmental challenges, such as climate change, do not stop at the border,” ” said John Tak, conference Chair, “I am pleased that scientists, engineers, government representatives and businesspeople from more than 35 countries are coming to Vancouver, an active hub for hydrogen and fuel cell development, to help create solutions to these challenges.”

The Ohio Fuel Cell Symposium was held in North Canton, Ohio on Wednesday and Thursday. “The hydrogen and fuel cell industries are at a stage where they have the momentum and energy to accomplish some truly revolutionary things in terms of how they apply their technologies,” said William Whittenberger, president of Catacel Corp. These fuel cells produce electricity and exhaust carbon dioxide and water.

A hydrogen powered municipal street cleaning vehicle is currently being tested for the next year and half in Basel, Switzerland. “Our aim is to take fuel cell technology from the laboratory onto the street,” said Empa’s Internal Combustion Engines Laboratory Project Leader Christian Bach.

Dan Lutz, the fleet manager for the Beloit, Wisconsin public works department, experimented with retro-fitting his personal truck. The department now has a large pickup truck, a garbage truck, a recycling truck, a police squad car and a small pickup truck using hydrogen technology increasing gas mileage from 14 to 22 and 31 mpg. “We know the basic technology works, but the issue is, is it practical,” said City Manager Larry Arft, “Can it be used realistically?”

The drawback is that the technology may rely on platinum, a rare metal, or palladium. Infrastructure would need to be changed to supply hydrogen fueling stations. Critics are also concerned about hydrogen fuel storage and the costs of retro-fitting existing vehicles.

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CEO of GM outlines plan for “New GM” after auto company declared bankruptcy

CEO of GM outlines plan for “New GM” after auto company declared bankruptcy
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Thursday, June 4, 2009

In a New York press conference at 16:15 UTC, June 1st, Fritz Henderson, the Chief Executive Officer of General Motors, which filed for bankruptcy and Chapter 11 protection from its creditors earlier today, outlined a plan for what he called a “New GM”.

Speaking to the press under safe harbor provisions of U.S. law, Henderson described the events of today as a “defining moment” in the history of General Motors. Speaking to the public he said that “The GM that let you down is history,” and described a “New GM” that he expected to result from the bankruptcy process.

Henderson stated that he envisioned the bankruptcy process would take between 60 and 90 days. He stressed several times his view that the process would be one that is executed quickly, saying that not just a sense of urgency but “pure unadulterated speed” was his expectation of the process. He emphasized that “GM remains open for business” during the bankruptcy period, continuing to sell and to support its products, and that day one motions had been filed in the bankruptcy court in order to allow this.

Regarding the bankruptcy process he said, “We will do it right. And we will do it once.”

He stated that the plan for General Motors had the support of the United Auto Workers union, the Canadian Auto Workers union, the GM VEBA, and a majority of the unsecured bondholders of GM. He also mentioned that GM had already received €1.5 million in bridge financing from the German government.

In response to questions about the possibility of the United States federal government, a majority shareholder in the restructured company, dictating future product development and strategy, such as the sale of more fuel-efficient and green vehicles; he first observed that the federal government had already stated to him that it had “no real interest in running our business” and that he expected that still to be his job. Of the specific hypothetical scenario where the management of GM wants to make one type of car, because it thinks that it is the right thing for the business, and the U.S. government wants to make another type of car, he stated that “I don’t think it’s going to happen.” Expanding on that point he stated that he expected the “New GM” to focus upon “highly fuel-efficient and green technology”, and that operating both in accordance with U.S. environmental laws and in response to customer demand would naturally result in the New GM producing the types of vehicles that the U.S. government would encourage.

The “New GM” he also expected to focus on “four core brands”, and will size its dealership to match that. He stated that GM would offer a “deferred termination” package to dealers, to allow them to cease dealing in GM vehicles in a managed and gradual way.

He stated that the bankruptcy filings did not cover General Motors’ businesses in Latin America, Europe and the Middle East, and Asia and the Pacific. Of GM’s profitable ventures in China, specifically, he stated that they were “a critical part of the New GM”. In response to questions of whether the New GM would import cars from China to the U.S., he stated the formative company’s core principle that “We build where we sell” applied in both directions, with GM building in China to sell in China and building in the U.S. to sell in the U.S., stating that this shortened supply chains.

He declined to predict when the New GM would return to profitability, stating that the goal was rather to lower the break-even EBIT point for the company. He also declined to speculate upon when the U.S. government would sell its stake in the company, saying that that was a question “better addressed to the U.S. Treasury”, and merely saying that he expected it to be “years, not months” when the U.S. Treasury felt it would give “the right return for taxpayers.”

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Rugby Union: Ballymore Cup North Queensland carnival

Rugby Union: Ballymore Cup North Queensland carnival
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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Rockhampton Grammar School, Townsville Grammar School and St. Augustine’s College (Cairns) played the North Queensland Carnival as part of the Ballymore Cup quarter finals this past weekend. Rockhampton Grammar School won the final and will play Siena Catholic College in the semi final.

The Ballymore Cup is a state wide Rugby Union competition in the Australian state of Queensland. Schools participating in the Greater Public Schools (GPS) competition do not compete in the Ballymore Cup.

Mackay representative Whitsundays Anglican School did not participate as they could not field a suitable team.

Rockhampton Grammar School 22 – 0 Townsville Grammar School
Townsville Grammar School 15 – 12 St. Augustine’s College
Rockhampton Grammar School 29 – 5 St. Augustine’s College

The two grammar schools qualified for the Ballymore Cup North Queensland carnival final after both teams defeated St. Augustine’s College from Cairns. Townsville Grammar were the better of the two defeating Rockhampton Grammar 22 points to zero, then St. Augustine’s 15 points to 12. Rockhampton Grammar finished the round robin stage by defeating St. Augustine’s 29 points to five.

Rockhampton Grammar School 14 – 5 Townsville Grammar School

Rockhampton Grammar qualified for the Ballymore Cup semi final against Siena Catholic College after defeating Townsville Grammar 14 points to five.

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Lexan Polycarbonate Sheets Information}

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Submitted by: Acrylicxk Plastics

We get lots of questions about lexan polycarbonate sheets as a greenhouse covering. For the most part we find that people are trying to over complicate the issue. This article will address precisely what greenhouse lexan polycarbonate sheets are.

Lexan polycarbonate sheets, simply put, are a plastic. They’re lightweight (1/6th the weight of glass), virtually unbreakable (impact strength 200 times greater than glass), have excellent weather resistance (due to the Ultra violet protection on one or 2 sides of the sheets), have superb insulation (because of the multiple layers with channels in between) and are flexible and simple to install (check specific information on each thickness). You can purchase it in solid sheets, corrugated, or multiwall. The normal configurations used for greenhouse glazing are corrugated and multiwall. The reason the solid sheets are not recommended is due to the fact that they aren’t widely available with a UV protection on one side. The actual UV protection will keep the sheets from yellowing or getting brittle. Some people may mistakenly believe this affects the light transmission of the sheets. It has nothing to do with that. The sheets with Ultra violet protection on one side are typically guaranteed for 10 years against yellowing and hail damage. This will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. There are also sheets available with UV protection on both sides. These are typically used for vertical applications such as fencing where both sides of the sheet are exposed to the sun. Although this may be used for a greenhouse, it is typically more expensive and unneeded.

Corrugated sheets are lexan polycarbonate sheets that are typically very thin, usually 0.8mm. It’s available in a wavy or greca design. It will function great for a greenhouse, but will not have as much insulation as a double wall sheet.

The easiest way to visualize a twin wall sheet is to consider looking down the edge of a cardboard container. There is a sheet on the inside, a sheet on the outside with a rib running in between the sheets. The rib in a cardboard box will be wavy. The rib in lexan polycarbonate sheets runs straight between the 2 sheets. Both sides of the sheet are flat. The lexan polycarbonate sheets are clear, but not “crystal clear” like glass. The actual rib will distort your view somewhat. It’s available in 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 16mm thickness. The 16mm is typically a triple wall – which means there will be a sheet running between the 2 exterior lexan polycarbonate sheets. There’s also some 8mm sheets available as a triple wall. Typically, the thicker the sheet, the better the actual insulation factor. One should consider the initial cost of the polycarbonate when considering the overall cost savings due to power costs. A 16mm sheet is about 5/8″ thick. Lexan polycarbonate sheets tend to be shipped by truck because they can’t be rolled and must be shipped flat.

Most greenhouses tend to be glazed with clear polycarbonate. It is available additionally in bronze as well as opal. These will cut down on light transmission significantly. Of course, regardless of whether you want to consider opal or bronze is determined by the needs of your particular plants. In conclusion, lexan polycarbonate sheets are an excellent choice with regard to greenhouse glazing. It is easy to set up and durable.

About the Author: Emco Industrial Plastics, Inc. Tel: 800-292-9906 Supplier of plastic sheet, rod, tube, films, prototyping, and acrylic sheet.


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Wikinews interviews You-peng Wang of Taipei Electrical Commercial Association

Wikinews interviews You-peng Wang of Taipei Electrical Commercial Association
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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Besides becoming a political stomping ground for the Pan-Green and Pan-Blue coalitions, there are other changes from past years of Taipei Audio Video Fair (TAVF). With those changes in mind, Wikinews reporter Rico Shen interviewed You-peng Wang, chairman of the Taipei Electrical Commercial Association (TECA), the main organizer of TAVF, about the 60th year anniversary of TECA and the changes to the show.

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