Federally-funded abstinence programs fraught with problems: Report

Thursday, December 2, 2004

WASHINGTON, DC — According to a report issued by U.S. House of Representatives Congressman Henry A. Waxman (DCA), the majority of abstinence-only sexual education programs in schools contain incorrect or misleading information.

The report found that over 80% of the curricula used by the recipients of the grants contained incorrect information, including the claim that condoms did not prevent the spread of STDs and that abortions have a high chance of causing sterility.[1]

These programs are funded by the federal government under President George W. Bush’s faith-based initiative. According to the report, these abstinence programs—promoted by the administration of President Bush—are receiving increasing amounts of funding: nearly $170 million will be spent in 2005, which is more than double the spending on these programs in 2001.[2]

Under the faith-based initiative programs, the United States government allocates funds to religious and other community organizations that agree to carry out abstinence education programs which do not include coverage of any other methods of birth control or sexually transmitted disease prevention, as well as other criteria.

The timing of the report is significant in that it comes on the heels of research from Columbia University that found that nearly 9 of 10 teenagers who had pledged abstinence from pre-marital sex had broken their vows in the first six years since the pledges[3].

The Waxman Report and the Columbia University study describe some abstinence programs as factually wrong and/or ineffective. In a rebuttal, Dr. Alma L. Golden, a deputy assistant secretary in the Health and Human Services Department, said in a statement that Mr. Waxman’s report “misses the boat” and that it took information out of context “for purely political reasons.”[4]

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A Contemporary Wood Stove Design}

A contemporary wood stove design


abigaylemark3There are many different things you are looking for when you want to decorate your home. This is the space that has to reflect who you are and what you like, but it has to stick to a few features that will fit in the current trends. How hard do you think it is to make all these things come together in harmony? How hard will it be to find the best ideas?

There are many different blends you will find today, but not all of them lead to the success you intended them for. If you are looking for a certain image for your home, you have to focus on a few things that will work. For instance, how well do you think a contemporary wood stove will fit in your home? Do you even know how one looks like?

Many people are aware that traditional homes are usually built around the fireplace and they are the ones that old homes are focused on. They are big, they are imposing and they usually capture the attention of the people who you bring in your home. Usually a modern wood burning stove would be the same, but with a few modern features.

YouTube Preview Image

Would you like to have one of these things in your living room? Would you like to centre the entire design of your home on one element? If you want to bring out the best features of your home, the contemporary wood stove must not be the only element people look at. This has to be in tone with the rest of the house as well as the other items.

But how will you be able to find a modern wood burning stove that will fit your profile? How will you be able to bring out the best in your home while still having such a piece in the living room? You must not be stuck in the past and you have to keep an open mind if you are decorating your home. You would be surprised by what you can find.

The lines of the contemporary wood stove have to be simple and elegant so it will fit in any space with little effort. The colours you will turn to must not be flashy either. A neutral, natural colour is one of the best options you have at hand for it. The easier it is to miss when you look around, the more you will appreciate the way it has been made.

Adding value to the design of your home is not easy, but a modern wood burning stove can do a lot more than you can imagine. If you are looking for a design that will fit in your choices properly, you should take the time to learn as much as you can about your options before you commit. If you want to know what a stove like this looks like and how you can get your hands on one, the site of futurefires.co.uk will provide the answers you had in mind.

A contemporary wood stove (http://www.futurefires.co.uk) does not look like a traditional one at all. If you want to find the modern wood burning stove (http://www.futurefires.co.uk) that will fit in your home, you should turn to the site named before to find the solutions you had in mind for this.


contemporary wood stove

does not look like a traditional one at all. If you want to find the

modern wood burning stove

that will fit in your home, you should turn to the site named before to find the solutions you had in mind for this.

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Tom Cruise orders €14,500 takeaway meal

Tuesday, August 2, 2005

Tom Cruise this week took the delivery service to a whole new level. Celebrating his 43rd birthday with numerous guests at a party in the USA, Cruise decided to call up his three favorite chefs, all living in Italy, to prepare a meal.

Cruise decided to fly all three chefs out to the United States at a cost of €14,500. According to the Daily Mail the chefs cooked the celebrity tagliatelle ragu, veal, and chocolate tiramisu.

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State of the health care system in Sierra Leone critical

Saturday, December 5, 2009

According to Médecins Sans Frontières the health care system in Sierra Leone causes loss of life because the poor cannot afford medical treatment.The maternal death rate and the child mortality rate in Sierra Leone are the highest in the world.Experiences of Médecins Sans Frontières had shown that free care or low fees lead to a dramatic increase in the number of patients.Nonetheless the national health system of Sierra Leone demands payment for all treatment with simple consultations costing as much as 25 days of income.According to Action Against Hunger the number of children with acute malnutrition has reached almost twice the level of the WHO‘s emergency threshold of 2% in the Moyamba district of Sierra Leone.

The Los Angeles Times writes that Sierra Leone, in spite of decades of foreign aid, has not yet increased the standard of living of its people considerably and 60% of the public spending of Sierra Leone come from other governments and nonprofit organizations.Since 2002 the country received $1 billion in aid but the infant mortality rate is almost the highest in the world, lower than Angola but higher than Afghanistan. The newspaper further reports that the United Nations state that 1 in 8 Sierra Leonean women die giving birth, as compared to 1 in 4,800 in the United States and that life expectancy in Sierra Leone is merely 41 years while in Bangladesh life expectancy reaches 60 years.

The government of Sierra Leone had expressed its intend to abolish user fees for women and children with a new plan for a fairer health care system that was to be revealed on the Sierra Leone Investment and Donor Conference, which was held in London on November 18 and 19.

“The Sierra Leone government has publicly stated its commitment to abolish user fees, and the UK government and other donors have promised to help,” said Seco Gerard, advisor at Médecins Sans Frontières’s analysis and advocacy unit. “What is crucial now is that Sierra Leone actually receives the necessary funding and technical assistance to realise this objective. It is time that words are being followed up by concrete action. If not, people who could otherwise be saved will continue to die needlessly every day.”

The Telegraph reports that president Bai Koroma was also hoping to secure a significant increase in aid donations with his new health plan.While Germany declined to support president Bai Koroma’s “Agenda for Change” and urged to give more consideration to women’s welfare the country received support from the European Union, DFID, UNIPSIL, World Bank, IFAD and the African Development Bank. From the pledges of $850 million the government of Sierra Leone was hoping for only about $300 millions could be secured, with attached conditionalities concerning the use of funding.

In a presentation at the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development in Freetown the Unicef representative for Sierra Leone, Mr. Mahimbo Mdoe, expressed gratitude about a pledge of about $1.3 million conveyed by the Ambassador of Japan to Sierra Leone, His Excellency Mr. Keiichi Katakami, and about earlier donations to UNICEF-Sierra Leone in the past years, amounting to over $20 million.The intended application of the funding is the goal to half child and maternal mortality by 2010, to introduce a social health insurance scheme, to improve equipment and to train health professionals.

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Police in Texas arrest man eating dead girlfriend

Monday, January 7, 2008

Christopher Lee McCuin, 25, from Tyler, Texas in the United States has been arrested after police found him possibly preparing to eat the body parts of his dead girlfriend, Jana Shearer aged 21. He was also charged with stabbing his ex-wife’s boyfriend, William Veasley, 42.

According to reports, Shearer’s mother was told by McCuin to “look in the garage” where she discovered the mutilated body of her daughter. She then flagged down a police officer on the road.

McCuin called 911 after the mother left the house. According to reports, he told the dispatcher that he was boiling Shearer’s body parts and preparing to eat them. When police got to his home, they discovered one of Shearer’s ears boiling in a pot, and an unnamed piece of her flesh on the kitchen table, with silverware placed beside it. The rest of her body had several “chunks” missing from it, according to the Tyler Morning Telegraph quoting Sheriff J.B. Smith of the Smith County Sheriff’s Department.

Police later found out that McCuin had stabbed his ex-wife’s boyfriend, and also broke into Tyler Custom Openings, a local business, sometime on Friday or Saturday. He started by going to Shearer’s home on Friday January 4 to have a discussion with her, but she was never seen alive again. Before stabbing Veasley, he beat Shearer “with a blunt object, multiple times” to death. On Saturday morning, he arrived at his ex-wife’s home and fought with Veasley, stabbing him. He is currently in critical condition at a local hospital.

McCuin then broke into the Tyler Custom Openings and then went to his mother’s house where he took her to his home to show her what he had done. Although McCuin was inside the house when police arrived, he was able to escape and was chased for a short distance before being caught again.

McCuin is currently being held on a US$2,000,000 bail at Smith County jail.

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Priest charged in exorcism death

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

A Romanian priest and four nuns have been charged in the death of a reportedly schizophrenic nun who was crucified in an exorcism. The novice, Maricica Irina Cornici, of Holy Trinity convent in northeast Romania, died last week after spending three days gagged and chained to a cross without food or water in the church’s cellar.

The 23-year-old nun was found with a towel stuffed into her mouth and had been left in the cold room while the priest delivered prayers to drive out evil spirits. An initial autopsy revealed the nun died from dehydration, exhaustion and lack of oxygen. Prosecutors are awaiting the results of a second autopsy, which is being carried out because of a suspicion of foul play.

The priest, Daniel Petru Corogeanu, and four nuns have been charged with imprisonment leading to death. They could face up to 20 years in prison if found guilty. Father Daniel told local news that he was trying to “take the devil out of her”. When asked whether the nun was in need of medical help instead of an exorcism, he replied, “You can’t take the devil out of people with pills.”

Ms. Cornici, who grew up in an orphanage, is said to have entered the remote convent three months earlier. There has been speculation by the Romanian media that Ms. Cornici’s schizophrenic behaviour may have caused her fellow nuns and the priest to believe she was possessed by the devil.

The Orthodox Church has condemned the incident and suspended Father Daniel, who has refused to stop work at the Holy Trinity monastery. Riot police had to intervene when scuffles broke out as nuns yelled at a vicar who came to suspend Father Daniel on Sunday.

Retrieved from “https://en.wikinews.org/w/index.php?title=Priest_charged_in_exorcism_death&oldid=1110432”

Diverse Kinds Of China Silk Is Waiting For You

Diverse Kinds of China Silk Is Waiting for You


sophiae loren

It is well known that China silk is very famous all over the world. In China, especially such Suzhou city, you can find a variety of silk including silk scarves, Chinese Tang Costume, and top quality pajamas. So, if you are finding special silk clothes or you are interested in China silk, now you can read the article to get more information.

YouTube Preview Image

From age-old time until our avant-garde society, the barter of cottony articles accounts for an important cachet in the all-embracing barter and commerce. Nowadays, as the appeal of cottony articles of humans is beyond and larger, donot you anticipate the broad of cottony articles contains a huge abeyant business opportunity? Silk bolt is one of a lot of accepted and accepted cilia on which bolt industry is primarily dependent. It is accustomed protein fiber, some forms of which can be alloyed into textiles. Cottony fabrics are fabricated from accoutrement and getting spun by the cottony caterpillars. Cottony caterpillars reside on some specific beard and eat their leaves to live. These dusters are able in adjustment to breed these worms. Mulberry cottony bastard is one of them and a lot of acclaimed a part of them because mulberry cottony bolt is one of finest cottony fabricated acclimated for bolt manufacturing. Throw in the affluence and advancement and you could apprehension why girls cottony scarves are not traveling abroad anon in appearance common recognition. By and ample abounding humans at present won t charge physique shield. However, the adult acumen of adroitness able by such accoutrement are the above acumen they abide to be able-bodied accepted in any varieties of closets. Since they accord such an arresting blow to action accoutrements or banquet attire, they could accomplish a huge aberration amid an approved aboriginal activity and a two bend take. Different types of Cottony Fabric. Silk is absolutely an admirable fabric. Cottony apparel is abundantly adequate and simple to wear. There are abounding altered types of cottony fabrics. Being acquainted of the accessible fabrics will advise you to accept bigger if you adjudge to add a new cottony apparel to your cupboard. The bolt produced from such abstracts is aswell amazingly tough. They are generally donned in places area clay and pollutants could be whirled up already in a while and crave to be kept out of the aperture and hair. One of the added ambrosial uses for these started in the old times of flight if aviators were consistently getting apparent to chancy smoke from the aircraft. Pure ones were beat over the face to clarify some contaminants. So, where should you go to get best China silk including ladies scarves

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Augusten Burroughs on addiction, writing, his family and his new book

Friday, October 12, 2007

I had an unofficial phone call from Gay Talese last Tuesday. He had just flown back from Colombia and he was cranky. “I’m happy to do an interview with you,” he said, “but what the hell could you ask me that’s not already out there? Have you even bothered to look?!”

“Jeez, Mr. Talese, lots of things,” was my response. I lied. The truth is that when I call people to interview them, I do not have a set of preconceived questions. My agenda is to talk to them and gain a sense of who they are; to flesh them out as humans. To find out what they think about the world around them at that moment. With Gay Talese I had little interest in talking about Frank Sinatra Has a Cold and with Augusten Burroughs I had little interest in discussing Running with Scissors. I want to know what they think about things outside of the boxes people have placed them in.

With a memoirist like Burroughs, even this is a challenge. What parts of his life he has not written about himself, other interviewers have strip-mined. When we met for dinner at Lavagna in the East Village, I explained to Augusten this issue. I suggested we make the interview more of a conversation to see if that would be more interesting. “Instead of you in the catbird seat,” I said, “let’s just talk.”

We struck an instant rapport. What set out to be an hour and half interview over dinner had turned into four hours of discussion about our lives similarly lived. I removed half of the interview: the half that focused on me.

Below is Wikinews reporter David Shankbone’s conversation with writer Augusten Burroughs.

Retrieved from “https://en.wikinews.org/w/index.php?title=Augusten_Burroughs_on_addiction,_writing,_his_family_and_his_new_book&oldid=3157224”

Surgeons reattach boy’s three severed limbs

Tuesday, March 29, 2005A team of Australian surgeons yesterday reattached both hands and one foot to 10-year-old Perth boy, Terry Vo, after a brick wall which collapsed during a game of basketball fell on him, severing the limbs. The wall gave way while Terry performed a slam-dunk, during a game at a friend’s birthday party.

The boy was today awake and smiling, still in some pain but in good spirits and expected to make a full recovery, according to plastic surgeon, Mr Robert Love.

“What we have is parts that are very much alive so the reattached limbs are certainly pink, well perfused and are indeed moving,” Mr Love told reporters today.

“The fact that he is moving his fingers, and of course when he wakes up he will move both fingers and toes, is not a surprise,” Mr Love had said yesterday.

“The question is more the sensory return that he will get in the hand itself and the fine movements he will have in the fingers and the toes, and that will come with time, hopefully. We will assess that over the next 18 months to two years.

“I’m sure that he’ll enjoy a game of basketball in the future.”

The weight and force of the collapse, and the sharp brick edges, resulted in the three limbs being cut through about 7cm above the wrists and ankle.

Terry’s father Tan said of his only child, the injuries were terrible, “I was scared to look at him, a horrible thing.”

The hands and foot were placed in an ice-filled Esky and rushed to hospital with the boy, where three teams of medical experts were assembled, and he was given a blood transfusion after experiencing massive blood loss. Eight hours of complex micro-surgery on Saturday night were followed by a further two hours of skin grafts yesterday.

“What he will lose because it was such a large zone of traumatised skin and muscle and so on, he will lose some of the skin so he’ll certainly require lots of further surgery regardless of whether the skin survives,” said Mr Love said today.

The boy was kept unconscious under anaesthetic between the two procedures. In an interview yesterday, Mr Love explained why:

“He could have actually been woken up the next day. Because we were intending to take him back to theatre for a second look, to look at the traumatised skin flaps, to close more of his wounds and to do split skin grafting, it was felt the best thing to do would be to keep him stable and to keep him anaesthetised.”

Professor Wayne Morrison, director of the respected Bernard O’Brien Institute of Microsurgery and head of plastic and hand surgery at Melbourne’s St Vincent’s Hospital, said he believed the operation to be a world first.

Retrieved from “https://en.wikinews.org/w/index.php?title=Surgeons_reattach_boy%27s_three_severed_limbs&oldid=440114”