Bangladesh reports first human case of H5N1 bird flu

Friday, May 23, 2008

Bangladesh reported its first human case of the H5N1 strain of Avian flu on Thursday. According to a representative of the Bangladesh health ministry, the 16-month old boy initially tested negative for the disease. His virus culture tested positive in tests performed by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The boy is from the capital city of Dhaka in the Dhaka District.

“Although there is no farm in the neighbourhood we suspect that he got the illness after his family bought chickens from a farm,” said senior health ministry official Mahmudur Rahman. Rahman is the head of Bangladesh’s Institute of Epidemiology and Disease Control and Research. He asserted that the government had the disease under control, and that physicians and hospitals in the country were adequately prepared.

Rahman said Thursday that the child had recovered from the disease. “The child was found infected by H5N1 but after treatment he has recovered and is now doing well,” said Rahman in a statement to Reuters.

The World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed the positive test results on Friday. This case in Bangladesh brings the total number of countries in the world with human infections from the disease up to 15. “When a disease is so widespread in poultry, it is really a matter of time before you get a human case. It shows the need to control the disease in animals if you are going to reduce the chances of transmission to humans,” said WHO spokesman Gregory Hartl in a statement to Reuters.

There is no reason to panic. The child contracted the H5N1 bird flu virus in January but we only got confirmation from the CDC on Wednesday it was a human bird flu case.

The boy had previously been diagnosed with H5N1 in January, but the CDC only confirmed the case this week. In a statement in Agence France-Presse, senior government official Saluddin Khan said: “There is no reason to panic. The child contracted the H5N1 bird flu virus in January but we only got confirmation from the CDC on Wednesday it was a human bird flu case.”

Khan commented on preventative measures being taken by the government, saying, “we’re destroying the birds and eggs as soon as we have any report of bird flu at any farm in the country.”

Bangladesh was first hit by bird flu in February 2007, and after a period of dormancy, was hit again in January 2008. Outbreaks subsided in March when peaking temperatures killed off the virus. Over one million birds were slaughtered during the outbreaks, and at the peak the outbreaks were the cause of a loss 1.5 million jobs in the Bangladesh poultry industry, which is the largest in the world. The Avian influenza has spread through 47 of Bangladesh’s 64 districts.

The H5N1 virus seldom infects humans, but according to WHO there have been 382 human cases globally since 2003, including 241 deaths.

Colegio Preciosa Sangre, Pichilemu, amidst other Chilean schools celebrate Student’s Day

Saturday, May 15, 2010

On Friday morning, Student’s Day was celebrated in the most schools across Chile. Student’s Day was created in May 11, 1990 by Chile’s Ministry of Education. The same day, the Supreme Decree N° 524 was validated, whereby also authorized the functioning of Student’s Centres in the High Education schools.

At Colegio Preciosa Sangre, Pichilemu celebration started at 8:30 AM local time (1230 UTC). Students, grouped by grade, shared a cup of milk and sandwiches. Competitions and games were originally planned to take place in the school’s yard, but due to adverse weather, these were moved to an old, large room. The school was split into two teams, Roja (red) and Verde (green). The event was organized by Nicole Grez, Carol Piña, and Paola Sepúlveda, amidst others, and the judges included Angélica Miranda and Mother Loreto Fuentes.

The first of the activities was the performance of a Pichileminian metal band, that covered Metallica’s songs. Subsequently, started the games. The first one consisted of the imitation of a well-known musical artist. The Roja alliance prepared the imitation of Ráfaga’s Luna Luna. The Verde alliance performed a sketch with Right Said Fred’s I’m Too Sexy. Both alliances gained points for this activity.

The next activity in the morning was gymkhana, that consisted if three steps for students from first to eight grades of Basic Education:

  1. Put a thread through a needle.
  2. Eat a pear while playing with a basketball ball.
  3. Pump up and burst an inflatable globe.

From the first to fourth grades of High Education:

  1. Take out a coin from a plate full of flour.
  2. Eat a sandwich with hot chilli, and drink a glass of Coke.
  3. Put a thread through two needles. (Between this step and the fourth, they have to chew the same pear).
  4. Pump up and burst two globes.

In the group of 1st to 4th Grade (Basic), 5th to 8th Grade (Basic) and 1st to 4th Grade (High), the Verde team won.

Subsequently, some girls from the Cheer-leading team performed a dance with some teachers from the school. Later, a game of the 3-legs jump took place. It mainly consisted of: samples of well-known songs were played, when they stopped, the pairs had to jump until they reached the microphone, and sing the rest of the song. Three groups of four grades were formed, as in the gymkhana game. Each group had to listen 3 songs.

1st to 4th Grade (Basic)
  1. Mazapán – Una Cuncuna Amarilla : Draw
  2. Américo – Que Levante La Mano : Verde team won
  3. Shakira – Loba : Verde team won
5th to 8th Grade (Basic)
  1. Mazapán – Caballito Blanco : Rojo team won
  2. Sin Bandera – Suelta Mi Mano : Rojo team won
  3. DJ Méndez feat. Crossfire – Lady : Rojo team won
1st to 4th Grade (High)
  1. Los Jaivas – Mira Niñita : Rojo team won
  2. Shakira – Waka Waka (Esto es África) : Draw
  3. Wisin & Yandel – La Minifalda : Draw

Finally it was determined that the Rojo team won this game. The penultimate game took place at 12:05 local time (16:05 UTC), and it consisted of:

  1. First round: collect 15 turnkeys.
  2. Second round: collect 10 clocks.

All of this had to be done in just 30 seconds. In the first round, the Verde team collected 11 turnkeys, and the Rojo team, 10. In the second round, the Verde team collected 6 clocks, while the Rojo team, 7.

The last game was tugar tugar, which consisted of dancing known songs, including The Rickrollerz’s Never Gonna Give You Up, Cosculluela’s Prrum, Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean, Américo’s Te Vas and Chilean cuecas. After some time, the jury took out some pairs. There were six pairs, with a student from each grade. As the game came to a close, only two pairs remained. Finally, the game was won by the verde team.

Angélica Miranda and Mother Loreto Fuentes, both judges, congratulated both teams and gave the total results:

Alliance Points
Roja 8000
Verde 9250

The same Pichileminian metal band that performed at the beginning of the games, played again, as students left the building.

The Student’s Day was celebrated on Wednesday, the 12th in Los Ángeles. The teachers congratulated the students and at once, they enjoyed activities that included artistic acts, deportive activities and certainly, free food, depending on the scholar journey.

In the José Manso de Velasco School, one of the teachers disguised as Américo, and revolutionized the students. In the Liceo Comercial, they elected a Queen. The most popular took place in Sternenkinder, a special school, locally known as NEE (Necesidad Educativa Especial), that enjoyed an event prepared by a local discotheque.

In Valdivia, the Education Seremi (boss) of the Los Ríos Region, Carlos Crot, visited the students of Instituto Superior de Administración y Turismo (INSAT) while they were celebrating their day, on Wednesday, congratulating all the students of the region. The event took place in a room of the establishment. Crot was the Principal of the Institute until just some weeks ago, when he had to leave to become Seremi.

The Student’s Day was celebrated on Thursday 13, in Parral. The Mayor of the city, Israel Urrutia Escobar, managed to take a Savory and Chocapic (both part of Nestle) tent to Parral. Savory’s ice cream were given for free to people that could get in front of the Municipality building.

The activity had been repeated in other communes affected by the February 27 earthquake. Some of them are: Talcahuano, Coronel, Chillán, Talca, Constitución, and some other minor towns. More than five thousand ice creams were given. “I appreciate the companies that have came along to our call. This activity excites us and entertains not just the childs, but their parents. Today is the Student’s day and we wanted to celebrate it properly […],” said Israel Urrutia.

Students from the Santiago Urrutia Benavente School and Pablo Neruda School, ensured this was one of the best activities made in a long time, because they thought it was a fantasy that people could give ice creams to those who want and to play freely.

The Student’s Day was celebrated on Thursday 13 here, too. In many educational establishments of the city, activities were performed to celebrate this day. In Instituto Superior de Comercio, the students enjoyed a dance-tón (bailetón), El Pingüino reported. The Clerk of the Municipality of Punta Arenas, Orlando Estefó, congratulated the students, “by making history every day by day, as the main actors in the educational process.”

Andrea Muizelaar on fashion, anorexia, and life after ‘Top Model’

Monday, November 26, 2007

In the 18 months since Andrea Muizelaar was crowned winner of the reality TV series Canada’s Next Top Model, her life has been a complete whirlwind. From working in a dollar store in her hometown of Whitby, Ontario, to modeling haute couture in Toronto, she had reached her dream of becoming a true Top Model.

But at what cost? Unknown to casual television viewers, Muizelaar had been enveloped in the eating disorder anorexia nervosa, which inevitably became too much for her to bear. She gave up modeling and moved back to Whitby, where she sought treatment for her disorder, re-entered college, and now works at a bank. Where is she now? Happy and healthy, she says.

Recently Andrea Muizelaar sat down with Wikinews reporter Mike Halterman in a candid interview that stretched to nearly two hours, as she told all about her hopes and aspirations, her battle with anorexia, and just what really happened on Canada’s Next Top Model.


  • 1 Andrea’s beginnings
  • 2 Andrea on her road to modeling, and America’s Next Top Model
  • 3 Experience on Canada’s Next Top Model
  • 4 The message she wrote to her fans on her facebook group
  • 5 Her brief modeling career
  • 6 “Happy and healthy”
  • 7 Source

Telltale Indicators Your Automatic Transmission Is Failing


Transmission repairs can be some of the most costly repairs to any vehicle. While you may not be able to completely avoid a repair, regular transmission service is very helpful in keeping your automatic transmission in top shape for as long as possible.

If you do complete regularly scheduled automatic transmission servicing you will find the technicians can often provide you with a heads up for potential areas of concern. This may be based on the age of the vehicle or known issues with a particular make or model. With this information, you can then determine if it is time to sell or to start saving in the event you will need a repair or rebuild.

In between regular maintenance work, you should also be aware of the common signs of possible transmission problems or failure. By catching these signs yourself, you can avoid being stranded or on the road when the transmission problem occurs.

Delay to go in Gear

If it seems you have to wait before the car starts moving when you take it out of park or neutral, you have an automatic transmission problem. The vehicle should be immediately in gear and moving, providing you are on a level surface.

Fluid Leaks

Automatic transmission fluid is red if it is in good condition and dark brown is if it burnt. When there is red liquid under the vehicle it is very likely a leak. When it is burnt it is much more likely to be a repair issue within the transmission itself.

Leaks or low levels of automatic transmission fluid are problematic as this is what cools and lubricates the transmission. You can easily check the transmission fluid levels with the dipstick after the vehicle is warm.

Check Engine Light

When the check engine lights come on or goes on and off, it may be a sign of a problem with the automatic transmission. You may or may not see or feel any of the other signs, but this is a serious issue and should be checked as soon as possible.

You can take this to a garage or any repair shop, and they will use a computer to read the sensors in you engine’s computer to understand what is wrong. Based on the code it provides they will be able to tell you if it is an automatic transmission issue or if it is something else.

We offer full automatic transmission service and repair. To learn more about how Trans Works Transmission LLC can help your car stay on the road see us at You can like their Facebook page to know more.

Microsoft Taiwan, IGS, GameFlier, and Softstar win the Popular Game Voting of 2008 Taipei Game Show

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

During the fourth day of the 2008 Taipei Game Show, held at the Taipei World Trade Center, visitors voted for their favourite participating companies and games at the “Popular Game Voting” competition.

According to the organizer Taipei Computer Association (TCA), this is the first-ever vote. It has two main categories, quality of the game itself and quality of the presentation at the convention. In the game section there were four categories: leisure game, PC console game, online RPG, and upcoming games. Balancing the vote, booth setup and stage activity were included. If a company won an award in this category, its notoriety is expected to rise and the company could see a great deal of opportunities to market games or its brand to the world.

Aside from the presentation class, winners from the game class were decided by votes from on-site, local gaming magazines, and the official website.

In the end, Microsoft Taiwan won all of the categories of the popular presentation class. In the game voting class, International Games Systems Inc. (IGS) won both popular leisure and upcoming game categories. Soft-World and Softstar Corp. respectively won popular online RPG and PC console game categories.

Former Russian spy Litvinenko dies, radioactive poisoning suspected

Friday, November 24, 2006

Mr Alexander Litvinenko, reputed to have been an Ex-Russian spy who had defected to Britain, died last night in mysterious circumstances. He had alleged many associations between people in high places and organised international crime, implying that President Putin and Romano Prodi among others had been involved personally. He had sought political asylum in UK in 2000 and became a naturalised citizen in October this year, just weeks before his death.

Mr Litvinenko was said to have been investigating the shooting of Russian journalist and human rights activist Anna Politkovskaya, a well-known critic of Russian activities in Chechnya, in her apartment in Moscow October 7, 2006. It is reported that he had met two Russians in an hotel room, one said to be former member of the KGB in conneciton with the affair and he went on to meet Mario Scaramella at a sushi bar in Piccadilly where some papers were exchanged. Some hours after this he was taken ill.

Mr Litvinenko was admitted to Barnet General Hospital, north London on November 1, 2006 complaining of feeling sick. By November 11, he was said to be suffering from serious poisoning. A week later he was transferred to University College Hospital in central London. A week later he was said to have been poisoned by ingesting thallium, once used in rat poison, but, in the opinion of some doctors, there were signs of radioactive poisoning, including loss of weight and shedding of hair. Various explanations of his condition were offered. Last night he suffered a heart attack, after having left a message blaming President Putin for having him killed.

The radioactive isotope polonium-210 was found in his blood and urine as reported by the United Kingdom’s Health Protection Agency. The post-mortem was cancelled. Subsequently the Agency examined conditions in the hospitals in which Mr Litvinenko has been treated. Police visited the Itsu sushi restaurant in Piccadilly, his home in Muswell Hill and the Millennium Hotel, Grosvenor Square where the meeting on November 1 had been held. Traces of radiocactivity were found in all three places. It is speculated that the polonium was probably eaten by Litvinenko as a substance that could be combined with a salt-like substance, such as polonium nitrate.

It was reported that a meeting had been held in Cabinet Office Briefing Room A (COBRA) used for high level emergency planning and control, to consider the implications of these events. The Foreign Office asked Moscow for a response to the accusation of Russian involvement and President Putin himself dismissed the allegations saying (before the cause of death had been established) that there was no proof of an unnatural death and that the case was being used as a “political provocation”.

Four Main Benefits Of Using Henna For Hair Care

Four Main Benefits of Using Henna for Hair Care


Vishal Parihar

One of the most popular beauty ingredients in India, henna has been taking care of most of our hair troubles since the times of yore. Women all over the country have been reaping the benefits of their mothers and grandmothers advice by applying henna to their hair for years, if not centuries. Apart from being a fabulous ingredient to naturally dye hair, henna is also known to strengthen condition and nourish the tresses from deep within. While the leaves of this plant were used for hair care traditionally, the modern Indian woman uses henna powder instead to get the same benefits. Here is all you need to know about henna, and how to use it in your beauty regimen.

Organic Henna powder manufacturers in India, popularly known as mehndi throughout the world, has found its place in numerous old books and cultures for numerous good reasons. Comprising great therapeutic qualities, henna is proven quite effective in alleviating different skin and hair conditions. In this blog, we will learn about what makes henna great natural hair products.

Four Benefits of Using Henna

Controlling Dandruff & Scalp Itchiness

It has cool and soothing in nature. Moreover, it comprises antifungal and antimicrobial properties which make it a perfect solution for those struggling with dandruff and itchy scalp. Regular applications of henna on hair work wonders on controlling the fungus which causes dandruff. When applied to hair with a combination of some effective natural herbs.

YouTube Preview Image

Deep Hair Conditioning

Though henna is dry, when applied along with egg it works magically in locking the moisture by creating a permeable layer that enables the strands to absorb the hair conditioning oil easily and quickly. When applied on a regular basis it will make the hair look smoother, silkier, shinier, strong, and lustrous.

Repair Damaged Hair in Split Ends

Best Organic Henna Powder Suppliers in India works wonder on repairing the dull, dry, brittle, and damaged hair. Henna nourishes the hair strands and provides all the nutritional support which is required to maintain the hair in a good, shiny, and healthy condition. Make a thick blend using henna, avocado oil, an egg, and water and apply it over your head for 30 minutes on a regular basis to get the best result in the shortest time possible.

Henna as a Great Natural Coloring Agent

Henna is one of the best friends for those looking for a natural hair color products for covering gray hair. As natural henna is free from all types of Chemical free hair dye, anyone can apply it without taking any tension of any kind of side effects. Imparting a reddish brown color, it enables people to cover their premature gray hair in a natural way. The color imparted by henna blends with natural hair color so perfectly that sometimes it becomes tough for the people to recognize whether it is natural hair color or being dyed so.

Where to Buy Organic Henna?

There are many Henna powder suppliers available that claim to offer natural henna hair care products at reasonable prices. But, not all of them are good and reliable. In fact, there are some which offer henna which comprises chemical ingredients. This is why it is advised to do comprehensive research in order to find a supplier that offers 100% pure and natural henna at great prices. If you are looking for one of the best suppliers for buying natural henna, you should look no further than NMP UDHYOG

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Controversial development training cited in religious discrimination lawsuits

Friday, May 23, 2008

A controversial development training course called “Landmark Forum” is cited in religious discrimination lawsuits in United States federal courts in New York and Washington, D.C. The seminars are run by a San Francisco, California-based for-profit training company called Landmark Education. The company evolved from Erhard Seminars Training “est”, and has faced criticism regarding its techniques and its use of unpaid labor. The sperm bank and surrogacy company Los Angeles-based Growing Generations is named as a defendant in the New York lawsuit, and the Democratic political action committee Twenty-First Century Democrats is a defendant in the Washington, D.C. case.

In separate lawsuits filed in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York in Manhattan, New York, and in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia in Washington, D.C., former employees are suing their employers for monetary damages and claiming religious discrimination after their employers allegedly mandated that they attend courses at Landmark Education.

In the US$3 million federal lawsuit filed in New York, Scott Glasgow is suing his former employer Growing Generations and its CEO Stuart Miller. Growing Generations maintains sperm banks and also arranges surrogacy for gay couples who wish to have children. The company has offices in New York and Los Angeles, and has done business with celebrities including actor B. D. Wong of Law & Order: SVU.

Glasgow was marketing director of Growing Generations, and claims he was fired in June 2007 after refusing to continue attending Landmark Education seminars. Glasgow is also suing for sexual harassment, and claims Miller came on to him in September 2006. He made approximately $100,000 per year as the company’s marketing director, and was the company’s only employee based out of New York City. The company’s main offices are in Los Angeles.

I want them to stop imposing Landmark on the employees, and I want an apology.

“I was shocked when I was fired. It took me months to right myself. I want them to stop imposing Landmark on the employees, and I want an apology,” said Glasgow in a statement in The Village Voice. Brent Pelton, one of Glasgow’s attorneys, stated that: “The Landmark philosophy is deeply ingrained in the culture of the company”. Glasgow said that the Landmark Education training courses were “opposite” to his Christian beliefs. According to Glasgow he was questioned by Miller in May 2007 after he walked out of a Landmark Education course, and was fired shortly thereafter. “We stand by the allegations contained in the complaint and we look forward to proving them at trial,” said Pelton in a statement to ABC News.

Ian Wallace, an attorney who represents Growing Generations, claimed that Glasgow wasn’t fired but walked away from his position. “Growing Generations and Mr. Miller are very confident that these claims will be dismissed ultimately, and there’s no factual basis for them whatsoever,” said Wallace in a statement to The Village Voice. Lawyers representing Growing Generations and Stuart Miller declined comment to The New York Post, and did not immediately return a message from ABC News.

In Glasgow’s complaint, entered into federal court record on April 18, he asserts that Landmark Education constitutes a “religion”, and “perceived their philosophy as a form of religion that contradicted his own personal beliefs”. He states that when he was promoted to Director of Marketing, he asked Miller if he could stop attending the Landmark sessions but was told that they were mandatory for all of the company’s executives and that Landmark is “very much the language of the company.” Glasgow said his performance at the company was assessed based on how he was “touching, moving and inspiring” others, a phrase from the Landmark philosophy, as opposed to his business accomplishments at the company. The complaint claims that the actions of Miller and Growing Generations violated Federal, New York State and New York City civil rights laws.

The lawsuit filed in federal court in Washington, D.C. deals with a separate plaintiff and company, but the plaintiff in the suit also claims that religious discrimination took place for allegedly being mandated to attend Landmark Education courses. Kenneth Goldman is suing the United States Democratic political action committee Twenty-First Century Democrats (also 21st Century Democrats) and its former executive director Kelly Young. Goldman was formerly the communications director of 21st Century Democrats.

According to Goldman’s complaint, three employees of 21st Century Democrats were fired after refusing to attend the Landmark Forum course. The complaint asserts that Landmark Education has “religious characteristics and theological implications” which influenced the mission of 21st Century Democrats and the way the organization conducted business. Goldman’s complaint states that in addition to himself, a training director and field director were also fired after they made it clear they would not attend the Landmark Forum.

Goldman says executive director Young infused Landmark Education jargon terms into staff meetings such as “create possibilities”, “create a new context”, and “enroll in possibilities”. He also claims that Young “urged” staff members to participate in Landmark Education events outside of the workplace, drove employees to and from Landmark functions, and used funds from 21st Century Democrats to pay for employees to attend those functions. Goldman’s complaint asserts that he was discriminated against in violation of the District of Columbia Human Rights Act.

While we are not a party to this lawsuit and have no firsthand knowledge of it, we can only assume that we are being used as a legal and political football to further the plaintiff”s own financial interests.

In a statement in The Washington Times, the executive director of 21st Century Democrats, Mark Lotwis, called the lawsuit “frivolous” and said: “we’re going to defend our organization’s integrity”. Landmark Education spokeswoman Deborah Beroset said that the Landmark Forum “is in no way religious in nature and any claim to the contrary is simply absurd,” and stated: “While we are not a party to this lawsuit and have no firsthand knowledge of it, we can only assume that we are being used as a legal and political football to further the plaintiff”s own financial interests.”

The New York lawsuit was filed April 14, and is still in early filing stages. A conference with the federal court judge in the case has been scheduled for June 17. The Washington, D.C. suit began in November 2007, and entered mediation this past March. As of April 15 the parties in the case were due back to court on July 11 to update the court on the mediation process.

Landmark Education is descended from Erhard Seminars Training, also called “est”, which was founded by Werner Erhard. est began in 1971, and Erhard’s company Werner Erhard and Associates repackaged the course as “The Forum” in 1985. Associates of Erhard bought the license to his “technology” and incorporated Landmark Education in California in 1991.

This is not the first time employees have sued claiming mandatory attendance at “Forum” workshops violated their civil rights. In a lawsuit filed in December 1988 in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia, eight employees of DeKalb Farmers Market in Decatur, Georgia sued their employer claiming their religious freedom and civil rights were violated when they were allegedly coerced into attending “Forum” training sessions. “Many of these training programs, particularly at large corporations, claim to be purely psychological, aimed at improving productivity and morale and loyalty. But in fact they are religious,” said University of Denver religious studies professor Carl Raschke in a statement to The Wall Street Journal.

The DeKalb Farmers Market employees were represented by lawyers for the American Civil Liberties Union. Consulting Technologies Inc., an affiliate of Transformational Technologies Inc., was named as a party in the lawsuit. Transformational Technologies was founded by Werner Erhard, and was not named as a party in the suit. The “Forum” course that the employees claimed they were mandated to attend was developed by Werner Erhard and Associates. Employees said that they were fired or pressured to quit after they objected to the Forum courses.

The workers claimed that the Forum course contradicted with their religious beliefs. The plaintiffs in the suit included adherents of varying religious backgrounds, including Christianity and Hinduism. “The sessions put people into a hibernating state. They ask for total loyalty. It’s like brainwashing,” said Dong Shik Kim, one of the plaintiffs in the case. The plaintiffs said they lost their jobs after objecting to a “new age quasi-religious cult” which they said was developed by Werner Erhard.

The DeKalb Farmers Market denied the allegations, and an attorney for the company Edward D. Buckley III told The Wall Street Journal that employees were encouraged, not coerced, to attend the training sessions. According to The Wall Street Journal, The Forum said it would not sanction workers being coerced to attend its training sessions.

The parties in the DeKalb Farmers Market religious discrimination case came to a settlement in May 1989, and the case was dismissed with prejudice in June. The terms of the out-of-court settlement were not made public, but the employees’ attorney Amy Totenberg told The Wall Street Journal that the case “has made employers come to grips with the legitimate boundaries of employee training”.

According to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, employers must “reasonably accommodate” their employees’ religious beliefs unless this creates “undue hardship”. In September 1988, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission issued a policy-guidance notice which stated that New Age courses should be handled under Title VII of the Act. According to the Commission, employers must provide “reasonable accommodation” if an employee challenges a training course, unless this causes “undue hardship” for the company.

In October 2006, Landmark Education took legal action against Google, YouTube, the Internet Archive and a website owner in Queensland, Australia in attempts to remove criticism of its products from the Internet. The company sought a subpoena under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act in an attempt to discover the identity of an anonymous critic who uploaded a 2004 French documentary of the Landmark Forum to the Internet. “Voyage au pays des nouveaux gourous” (Voyage to the Land of the New Gurus) was produced by Pièces à Conviction, a French investigative journalism news program. The Electronic Frontier Foundation represented the anonymous critic and the Internet Archive, and Landmark withdrew its subpoena in November 2006 in exchange for a promise from the anonymous critic not to repost the video.

Landmark Education itself has come under scrutiny for its controversial labor practices. The company has been investigated by the United States Department of Labor in separate investigations originating out of California, Colorado, and Texas. Investigations focused on the heavy reliance of unpaid labor in the company’s workforce, which Landmark Education calls “assistants” and deems volunteers.

An investigation by the U.S. Dept. Labor based out of Colorado found that activities performed by Landmark Education’s “assistants” include: “office, clerical, telephone solicitation and enrollment, as well as greeting customers, setting up chairs, handling microphones during the seminars and making coffee. Additionally, a number of volunteers actually teach the courses and provide testimonials during and after the courses.” The Colorado investigation’s 1996 report found that “No records are kept of any hours worked by any employees.” According to a 1998 article in Metro Silicon Valley: “In the end the Department of Labor dropped the issue, leaving Landmark trumpeting about its volunteers’ choice in the matter.” Metro Silicon Valley reported that Landmark Education at the time employed 451 paid staff, and also utilized the services of 7,500 volunteers.

After an investigation into Landmark Education’s labor practices by the U.S. Dept. Labor’s offices out of California, the company was deemed to have overtime violations. According to the Department of Labor’s 2004 report on the investigation, back wages of $187,569.01 were found due to 45 employees. An investigation by the U.S. Dept. Labor in Texas which concluded in 2005 stated: “Minimum wage violation found. Volunteers (Assistants) are not paid any wages for hours worked while performing the major duties of the firm. The assistants set up rooms, call registrants, collect fees, keep stats of classroom data/participants, file, they also are answering phones, training and leading seminars.”

The Texas investigation also discovered an overtime violation. Landmark Education agreed to pay back wages for the overtime violation, but did not comply with the overtime violation found by the U.S. Dept. Labor for the “assistants”. Landmark Education denied that the “assistants” are employees, though the Department of Labor report concluded: “Interviews reveal that the employees are taking payments, registering clients, billing, training, recruiting, setting up locations, cleaning, and other duties that would have to be performed by staff if the assistants did not perform them.”

According to the 2004 investigative report by Pièces à Conviction in the “Voyage au pays des nouveaux gourous” program, Landmark Education was investigated by the French government in 1995. In the “Voyage au pays des nouveaux gourous” program volunteers were filmed through a hidden camera and shown performing duties for Landmark Education in France including manning phones, recruitment and financial work for the company, and one volunteer was shown cleaning a toilet.

Le Nouvel Observateur reported that after “Voyage au pays des nouveaux gourous” aired in France, labor inspectors investigated Landmark Education’s use of unpaid volunteers. According to Le Nouvel Observateur, one month after the labor investigation took place the French branch of the company had disbanded. A former “Introduction Leader” to the Landmark Forum, Lars Bergwik, has recently posted a series of videos to YouTube critical of the company and its practices. Bergwik appeared on a 2004 investigative journalism program on Sweden’s Channel 4, Kalla Fakta (Cold Facts). According to Bergwik, after the Kalla Fakta program on Landmark Education aired, “Landmark left Sweden”.

Fifth bomb discovered in London after July 21 attacks

Monday, July 25, 2005

A suspect package discovered in Little Wormwood Scrubs, west London is apparently a fifth bomb made to the same design as those used in the 21 July attacks. The device was subjected to controlled explosion by the police over the weekend and its discovery has led to speculation that a fifth bombing attempt may have been intended that day. The device was apparently a nail bomb.

Little Wormwood Scrubs is just north of Shepherd’s Bush (scene of one of Thursday’s bombing attempts) and White City (the location of the BBC’s TV centre). It also borders on North Pole sidings, which are used by the Eurostar cross-channel train which travels through the Channel Tunnel.

Synthetic Strings Plant Manufacturer India

Synthetic strings plant manufacturer India


Mr. Riken Patel

We are manufacturer & export of Plastic Machinery , Monofilament Plant , Sutli Plant , Extrude Machinery , Box Strapping Machinery , all plastic Machinery. Manufacture & Export of Plastic Machinery, Extrude Machinery, Box Strapping Machinery

Marutinandan are among the best manufacturers and suppliers of Sutli Plant which is used to manufacture synthetic strings. These are well accepted due to their longer service life and latest technology with international quality standards. Moreover, they are available in various specifications and handling capacity at competitive market prices.

Marutinandan plastic machinery manufactures different types of different plastic plants and machineries, the product range includes plastic processing machinery, packaging machinery, extrude machinery, bag making machinery and lamination machinery etc. We developed value-added, export quality, reliable and brilliant accuracy machines.

Comprehensive Services For The Complete Blown Film Plant:

No matter where you are located, Maruti Plastic Machinery is committed to serving and providing you with the necessary information with regard to our products and services. Our technicians and engineers are a telephone call away – ready to support you with innovative and cost-effective solutions that will keep your business running at peak performance. Our commitment get commenced as our machine reach to our customer. Our team will be ready to serve you by phone/ fax or email.

List of our Products:

1.Synthetic Strings Plant (Sutli Plant)

2.Re Process Plant

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3.Adhesive Lamination / Coating Plant

4.Monolayer Filament Plant

5.PP/PET Box Strapping Plant

6.Two Layer Blown Film Plant

7.PP/HDPE Box Strapping Plant

8.Air Bubble Plant

9.Multi Layer Blown Film Plant

10.Extrusion Coating Lamination Plant

11.Raffia Tape Stretching Line

12.Pipe Plant

13.Foam Sheet plant

14.Net Plant

15.Slitter Rewinding Machine

16.PP TQ Blown Film Plant

17.Plastic Dana Mixer

18.Aglow Making Machine

Technical Support & Training:

Highly skilled technical team at Maruti Plastic Machinery is keen to support our customers at any point of time. This includes Imparting training during machine trail and testing at the time of dispatch and machine installation, erection & commissioning at customer\’s end, guidance to machine operators and educating maintenance personnel to the core areas where care should be taken and avoid unexpected breakdown.

Marutinandan Plastic Machinery is the leading manufacturer and exporter of Plastic Machinery, Pet Box Strapping, Foam Plant, Lamination Plant, Box Strapping Plant, Pipe Plant, Air Bubble Sheet Plant, and etc. in India. We established in 1994 is a forerunner in providing plastic machinery, for more fifteen years. Today the company has maintained its trusted leading position in plastic machinery, offering the widest range of plastic machineries as a result of constant innovations.

We are located best industrial city Ahmedabad in Gujarat, India. The In house manufacturing capabilities which facilitates prompt response at each stage of process. At Maruti Plastic Machinery, the experience and expert team of professionals strives continually to provide excellent product quality of International standards. Relying on high-end technologies, excellent-quality products and better after-sales service, at now Maruti Plastic Machinery is a trusted name in Plastic machinery industry. The company manufactures and exporter of plastic machines for domestic and global market to meet specific requirement of the customer.

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Marutinandan Plastic Machinery are leading manufacturer and exporter of plastic machinery, extruder machine, plastic process equipment, coating plant, tap plant, plastic extrusion plants, Sutli Plant, manufacturers, raffia tape stretching line, pet box strapping plant, Ahmedabad, India. For more details visit us at:

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