Enabling Severely Obese Patients to be Free from the Burdens of Obesity



Bariatric or weight loss surgery is usually recommended for patients who are either suffering from type 2 diabetes or in some cases to those patients who have has a relapse within a period of five years. After a gastric bypass surgery patients do really lose a lot of weight but that does not mean that gastric bypass surgery is a cure for diabetes. This might be the ideal option for those who have tried losing weight with dieting and exercise and have been unsuccessful at doing so.

There are some imperatives that have to be followed before one decides to have a weight loss surgery. First and foremost this has to be seen as the last resort or the last option available for those who are severely obese. Not everyone can be eligible for this surgery as it has its share of complications.


A surgery for weight loss will depend on the individual; certain factors are taken into consideration like a patient s BMI, any existing medical conditions, these conditions could include diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. The price of this surgery is also complex as one has to take into consideration many other costs apart from the obvious costs of the additional expenses post surgery and before surgery. This surgery has to be performed with the assistance of general anesthesia.

When the surgery is performed outside of India, patients could expect anywhere between 17,000$ and 30,000$ for this surgery. There are several types of bariatric surgeries that promise to significantly reduce the body mass index of individuals, in a laparoscopic surgery around four to five incisions are made and a laparoscope and other surgical instruments are inserted through these incisions.

After a stomach bypass it is common to lose weight faster than at first, the weight loss resulting from these procedures is quite similar. People who undergo this surgery must go on a special low caloried diet before surgery. This is also done to lose the unnecessary fat stored in the liver. If the team of specialists decides to go for the surgery they should also be offered psychological support and help with diet and lifestyle before the operation.

It is essential for the specialist team to schedule several appointments and it is more important for patients to attend all these appointments. The right advice regarding healthy diet and supplements will provide the patient with the right amount of nutrition and avoid malnutrition or nutrient malabsorption.


surgery for weight loss

might be the only option left for those suffering from severe obesity this article tries to explain why it has slowly gained more recognition and popularity among obesity sufferers.

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