byAlma Abell

Good health involves taking good care of every part of your body including the teeth. Many people fear visiting the dentist because of the myths they have about the service offered. Others dread that some of their teeth may be removed. But visiting a Family Dentist in Oyster Bay, NY gives you a different perspective about treatment and taking care of your teeth.


Locust Valley Dental Group is a professionally managed clinic that provides solutions to all your teeth problems. They have world class treatment rooms that are comfortable to help you relax as they treat you. The doctors are professionally trained and have been in practice for decades.

They have embraced the modern technology in their service delivery. Patients input their personal information using iPads to enable easy storage, access and updating of records. You can also switch to your favorite channel on cable TV or bring your best DVD and have it played. This is meant to give the best moments to the patients as they get treated. During the operation, patients wear special headphones to help relax as they enjoy the superb treatment.

Soprulife Intraoral camera is used in the diagnosis to detect a dental failure and provide visual information to the doctor. The CDR Schick- a digital radiograph provides detailed images that can be magnified to view small defects in the dentition. The diode ezlase laser technology is utilized in soft tissue procedure and teeth whitening to give you a reason to smile again. The YSGG iPlus laser is used in hard tissue surgery, injection-free fillings and endodontic decontamination of canals.

The laser technology has many benefits which include non-invasive surgical procedures and accelerated rate of healing. Nitrous (laughing gas) is administered upon patient’s approval to help relax if other forms of relaxation do not work. A hands-free sterilization centre and disposable cutting bars are available to prevent cross contamination

Since their practice is not limited to dentistry, they care about the overall health of the clients. This involves educating them on methods of maintaining their teeth and advising on better eating habits. Newsletters, booklets and brochures are also available upon request. Acceptable forms of payments include cash, CareCredit, MasterCard, Visa and insurance claims processing. For more information, visit .