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The evolution of technology is endless ? from Morse code to telephone and from cell phone to smart phone. Who would have thought that we could have such beautiful technology? Because we always seek optimum convenience, we never stop challenging our beautiful minds to create advance tools and machines. But how did it begin? What ignite us to create something so incredible in which its evolution does not stop? And it never stops because these inventions help us to create new things and does more than a normal person can produce.

Sociologist and anthropologists created three theories dealing with social and cultural evolution which measures technological process. Lewis H. Morgan s concepts of three major theories are savagery, barbarian, and civilization. These social evolutions are classified by its technological milestone. During the Savage Era, our predecessors used fire, bow ,and pottery, while in the Barbarian Era, ancient civilization used domesticated animals, agriculture. and metalworking. Lastly, the civilization era used alphabet and writing as their way of living and communicating.


But according to Leslie White, the primary function of culture is to harness and control the energy. He differentiates five stages of human development. At the first stage, human use their muscles; in the second they use the energy of domesticated animals; in the third, they use the energy of the plants; in the fourth, they learn to use the energy of the natural resources such as coal, oil and gas; and in the fifth, they learn to harness nuclear energy. Gerhard Lenski, on the other hand, declared that the more information and knowledge a society has, the more advanced it is, especially when these are used to shape natural environment. He identified four stages of human development based on the history of communication. The first stage is information passed by genes, second is when human gain sentience which is the ability to feel, perceive, or to experience subjectivity in which they can learn and pass information through experiences. Third is when human learns to use sign and develop logic and forth is when they learn to create symbols, develop language and writing.

In Lenski s theory, he emphasized that the advancement in communication technology improves the economic and political system, distribution of wealth, social inequality and other spheres of social life.

Communication is one of the factors in the advancement of technology ? from Morse code to telephone and from cell phone to smartphone. To be able to understand messages sent through Morse Code method, there should be a skilled listener and observer. This method was used for telecommunication and emergencies. Then later, the telephone was invented which allows the caller to dial numbers to reach someone. The invention of cellular phone came in which allows users to call and send text messages for communication. And now we have smartphones, which allow us not only to send messages and make phone calls but also permits us to send and read e-mails. We even use it to browse the internet and install apps that bring us nothing but ultimate convenience. And to have performs faster, we need memory card like SanDisk Ultra Micro SDXC. This is the proof that the evolution never stops because it enables us to create something new.

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