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The relationship between a pet owner and the pet is based on pure love and affection! This unconditional love helps them to care for each other in every possible way and being a pet owner, demands a lot of responsibilities which need to be executed in the proper manner. You may be taking excellent care of your pet dog, in every possible way, but when it comes to their dressing you can be extra careful to make sure that they look the best at all times. Dogs too need additional protection in winter season, as their body may not be able to bear the cold temperature like humans. They can be equipped with perfect wool dog sweaters that shall give them the right protection and make them feel comfort in winters, without which they may be unable to cope with cold temperature and may even fall sick. Whether you have a small or a large dog breed, wool dog sweaters can be depended upon to keep your lovely pet cozy and comfortable even in extreme cold temperatures.

All sweaters that are available for dogs are not necessarily perfect for extreme cold weather, since different materials are used for different types of dogs sweaters. Some are made of soft and acrylic material which is less warm than wool dog sweaters and some are specially designed for mild cold weather. As humans select their warm clothes and sweaters depending upon the temperature, in the same manner a pet owner can do this for their pets by acquiring wool dog sweaters, if you are living in a very cold climate. Animal fiber yarns are especially suitable for sweaters as they are warm, elastic, durable and washable, so wool sweaters prove to be one of the best sweaters for not only humans, but also for dogs as many dog breeds such as Chinese Cresteds that are hairless and like Salukis or Greyhounds that are short haired dogs have really a tough time bearing the cold weather in during extreme winters. Wool dog sweaters especially made of Qiviut wool, prove to be the best option for small dog breeds because of its light weight and for those breeds that have little or no hair, as this particular wool is exceptionally warm.

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For many dog breeds cold weather may prove to be dangerous if they are not protected properly, so dog sweaters for these breeds turn out to be life saving than just comfortable outfits for winter season. Sweaters help to keep shedding of dogs hair under control and dogs who just been clipped or shaved, really benefit from dog sweaters. According to the temperature, you can select the most fitting and suitable sweater as wool dog sweaters range from plain and basic to exotic, bejeweled and exclusive styles. When shopping for wool dog sweaters, be sure of the size of your doggy so that the sweater covers your sweet pup s stomach, fits snugly and keep his legs free for movement.

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