byAlma Abell

Homes are full of technological wonders these days. Some may span across the decades but many people are always updating or revamping their electronics. If you have a sound system of any type, you may become frustrated for several reasons. While many items of your home entertainment system feature several audio connections, this is not always true of the amplifiers that provide the sound. It is also is true of surround sound processors. They may have only one input. Instead of constantly manually removing and replacing cords and cables from one item to another, you can consider purchasing switchers. Depending upon your home theatre system, digital audio switchers may be the best way to go.

Variations on a Theme

When it comes to switchers, you generally find several different types available on the market. These include:

  • Single Function – Some Audi/Video (AV) switchers handle only video.
  • Duo Function – Some AV switchers are able to carry out both audio and video functions on each channel. This may be stereo analog audio, optical or digital. Digital audio switchers are good at what they do – transferring the digital audio signal.
  • DVI Switchers – These can handle be considered Digital audio switchers although they also are apt at handling an Analog signal
  • HDMI Switchers also able to switch analog or Digital Audio as the case may be. They may also be able to handle other signals.

When it comes to digital audio switchers, it could be coaxial (Coax) and/or optical.

What do Digital Audio Switchers actually do?

Essentially, what any switcher does is allow access to multiple devices. Digital audio switchers allow you to access several digital audio devices. The number varies from switcher to switcher. Some can switch the signals between eight sources and displays. They must all have, of course, compatible inputs in order for it to work. It is also essential you make sure the cables employed as connectors are compatible. Often the connective cable is coaxial because it is cheap and easily available but this is not necessarily the way you need to go. Fiber optic cords are also acceptable and provide a better alternative.

Finding your Way

The variety of digital audio switchers present on the market should give you pause. It is always best not to purchase something cheap because it is the least expensive. It may turn out to be cheap in more ways than one. The same applies to spending copious money on the most expensive digital audio switchers available. These, like the cheap ones, may not be worth what you paid.

Take your time and talk to someone who knows not only about digital audio switchers but is also knowledgeable about your system. By getting educated in the dos-and-don’ts of digital audio switchers and your entertainment system, you are more likely to obtain the best possible switcher for your system at the best possible price. For more information, visit Datacomm Cables Inc.

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