An Overview Of The Typical Home Construction Process


Reil Miller

Home construction can be a very huge investment but it can be very rewarding, provided that you have chosen the right home builders for the project. Home construction can take months before it is finally finished. For this reason, a lot of home buyers ask questions regarding the construction of their houses. It is vital for every home buyer to understand the basic home construction process to have an idea of what happens during this period.

The most common questions asked by home buyers include: how long the construction will be, what happens during the construction period, and what each step involves. To answer such questions, here are some of the most basic steps of the home construction process. However, you have to understand that each home builder may have different construction approach. The process and schedule of the construction can also be affected by the size and they style of your house, the construction techniques used, and the customization required in building the house. Typically, the first phase of building a new home is the pre-construction phase. It is in this stage when the plans for the house are developed, finalized, and submitted to teh local building permit office for evaluation. Building permits are needed for building, plumbing, sewer connection, and so on. The next phase is the laying out of the foundation. In this phase, the topsoil is removed and piled somewhere else to be used later. Excavation is also done, and also the footings which is a concrete slab that supports the wall foundation. The foundation walls are also erected, insulated, and damp-proofed. In this phase, you can also make your selections of flooring, cabinets, tiles, and many more.

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The third phase is the framing wherein the exterior walls, interior partitions, and the roof are all assembled. It is also during this phase wherein the basement floor is installed, as well as the electrical and plumbing are done. Heating, cooling, and ventilation are also put in place during this phase. The fourth phase is when a lot of things happen inside and out. For example, the exterior walls and the roof are insulated. Walls and ceilings are painted, the flooring is laid, and the cabinets are installed. Plumbing and electrical fixtures are also installed, and interior doors are hung.

These are just some of the most common phases involved in the home construction process. The final phase is the hand-over of the keys to the home owner. For a successful and high quality job, you have to find a professional home builder for the project.

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