Swingline Classic Cut Pro 12″ Guillotine Paper Trimmer Review

By Jeff McRitchie

The ClassicCut Pro 12″ by Swingline is a well built trimmer with some nice features. Here is a look at some of this machines features and limitations.

Strengths and Features:

1. The first thing you might notice about the ClassicCut Pro 12″ is that, for a light to medium duty machine, it is pretty well constructed. Many times, you might have to spend a lot more money to get a paper trimmer with a wood cutting surface, but you get one here. It is a composite, but it still gives you a nice look and feel and a solid and durable cutting surface. The metal cutting arm is also nice, as are the rubber feet on the bottom of the machine that keep it from slipping when in use. All in all, a pretty nice build in this price range.

2. The stainless steel blade of the ClassicCut Pro 12″ appears to be the equal of any machine in its class, and it is self sharpening as well. The cutting length of 12″ makes it easy to handle letter and legal sized (or smaller) documents which is great for the vast majority of the cutting projects out there.


3. The sheet capacity of 15 pages of normal 20lb paper stock per lift is pretty impressive as well, though, as with any paper trimmer on the market, you are likely to see better, cleaner cuts as a general rule if you go with fewer sheets than what the stated capacity is for the most part. If there are exceptions to this rule in the trimmer world, we haven’t seen them yet. This trimmer can also handle thicker materials such as laminated pages, photos, presentation covers, and card stocks without too much trouble, though it’s always a good idea to test the cut for these types of materials out before cutting for the final version.

4. The safety features of the ClassicCut Pro 12″ include a latch that keeps the blade locked down when not in use, spring washers that hold the blade firmly in any position, and a guard rail that keeps the hands that are holding the paper safely away from the blade.

5. The cutting surface of the ClassicCut Pro 12″ includes an alignment grid and a ruler that includes measurements in both the metric and US systems. This is a handy feature that helps to ensure that your cuts are more accurate and precise.

6. Swingline must have a lot of faith in the blade and build of this paper trimmer, because they include an impressive 10-year warranty. Nice touch.

Weaknesses and Limitations:

1. The cutting capacity of 15 sheets will get a light to medium duty user through a lot of projects with ease. However, if you regularly have projects that are bigger, say in the hundreds or thousands of sheets, you will probably want to find a trimmer that can handle more pages at one time.

2. The 12″ blade will also see you through the majority of projects, but if you think you will be working with longer sheets on a regular basis, you might want to take a look at the 15″ or 18″ trimmers.

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