Since the plastic limit is put into practice, the businessman makes the bag as a promotional magic – bags become gifts when people buy food ,beverage bags and a magazine, or pay phone charges. These bags are easy- use, colorful, cute, it is popular among many consumers. But many people concerns that, since the widespread use of bags, when they participate in activities, go shopping, etc., they always receive free bags. Now there are many kinds of bags in houses and it seems too much. These bags are donated, old. Once broken, it will be readily thrown away.” Consumers believe that the quality of present bags are not so good, especially the nonwoven bags. Its robustness is worse than textile fabrics. Some are even bad than plastic bags, and they are not waterproof. Non-woven bags are easily cleaves from the right angle direction. The bags are so easily broken and thrown away frequently. Do they really play an environmental role?Now most of the bags are nonwoven bags. The raw materials are polypropylene or terephthalate glycol ester. But the raw materials of plastic bags are polyethylene .Polypropylene and polyethylene both are not degraded less than 50 years. When the temperature is high, polypropylene will release harmful substances. The weight and volume of non-woven bags is higher than normal plastic bags, it reaches more than 10 times. At the same time, some non-woven bags are decorated with buttons, sequins and some other small parts which can not be recycled. In conclusion, non-woven bags are not environmental than plastic bags which can be recyclable, and easily crushed.There are many companies and enterprises make the bags as gifts to do advertising, the one that covers t a layer of resin outside or with color pattern are not environmentally friendly. And the real green bags ask higher producing costs.Many people also say, plastic limit does not make the use of plastic bags in a limitation. And the one which is not biodegradable bags has spread to everywhere. People suggest that relevant departments should make clear about the requirements of the quality of recycle bags and make a seriously strict law to make it effect. In addition, experts advise that, non-woven material itself is plastic. If it is used in a long period with slow degradation process, the potential crisis is much danger than plastic bags. It may become another great pollution source as plastic bags. Source: