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How to know if setting up an Online Business right for you & what type of business fits you

Putting up an online business is not something to take lightly because of the investment and long-term relationship involved. So make sure to ask yourself the following when considering & planning what type of online business is right for you.

1. Do I know what I really want in life? There are many kinds of businesses to consider, including but not limited to fast food, service, professional business service, restaurants, and retail. Each type has its own set-up and rules, so you need to know which you are more comfortable working under. To do this, it is recommendable to ask a consultant to assess your likes and dislikes, the kind of people you are comfortable with, and the kind of situations that will make you happy. Once you know yourself, look for online business men with the same goals and a value as yours, one who is committed, dedicated, adheres to quality standards and continually seeks to improve his or her business.

2. Do I consider the opinions of others? Business man will be buying into a set of working systems developed by their owners from experience. Asking for professional advices is always worth the effort when your business is in the midst of difficulty. If you have your own idea in solving a certain problem, it is better to consult others that know the problem better, expert s opinion will be more helpful than fixing it on your own.

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For example, If you have a bug on your website, fixing it on your own may cause more troubles, so try hiring some web developer or web master for part time. There are many outsourcing companies that provide part time remote staff or virtual assistant than can work on per hour basis for less expenses on you end.

3. Do I believe in the product or service? A strong belief in the brand is a good point to consider when choosing the right type of business for you. For example, selling lingerie is the product you chose to sell online, the question is, are you really interested in lingerie yourself?

If the product catches you heart, you might do better producing your own product or service based on what you are passionate about.

4. Do I know the perfect spot? Online business (specially selling products) does not necessarily requires an office; mostly online business owners have their office in their own house. But in a business that deals with professional services, it is common that the client requires an office to have their virtual assistant in-house. This is to ensure that their VA will be monitored well inside the office.

But having an office should be accessible for the client that wants to visit your site and meet the staff personally for them to make sure the legitimacy of the business.

5. Do I have the resources You must be willing to invest from $3,000 or more depending of what type of business of your choice in building a web-based business, this is inclusive of web programmer / web designer, web hosting and a team of virtual assistant for web maintenance.

If you answered the questions positively, then you might be one of the perfect online business men. Still not sure? Ask an online consultant or expert online business man, visit us at

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