Finding a drop shipper for Wholesale Products to Sell



When looking for good quality and trusted wholesale product resource most people are looking for a wholesale drop shipper. Using a drop shipper is a very popular form of product resourcing because you only pay for the items you sell.

This is how it usually works; you find a supplier that will drop ship to your customers and set up an account. Each supplier has a different way of setting your account. The best way is to try and set it up on credit. Most wholesale product resources will still like to set up an account and just pay for the items you sell. After you have set up the account you need to get photos and product descriptions for the items you are going to sell.

If you have a pay-as-you-go account, you receive the payment for the product you have sold, you will then log into your supplier and go through the checkout to pay for it. You will be entering the buyer’s name and details where the product is to be shipped. The supplier will then package up your sold product post it to your account and ship it.

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Drop shippers do all the work for you. They take care of all of the stock management and delivering of your product which saves you a lot of time and trouble. Because the supplier does much of the work for you. This is the reason why drop shipping can cost you more for your wholesale products. You could be paying several dollars more per item to cover all the stock management and delivery.

Buying in bulk may seem more profitable at first, but sellers most often forget to fully account for the time it takes to pick up the item package it and have it delivered. When you take into account these factors buying by the bulk or drop shipping should cost about the same. Still many sellers elect to buy in bulk beleaving they our more profitable. They are not taking into account their time and work.

Drop shipping companies give your customers plenty of choices. For a new business venture in selling wholesale products drop shipping is a lot lower risk.

There are risk drop shipping companies. A shortage of stock is one of the most common problems. You might be lucky enough to be working with a supplier and selling a very hot item when they suddenly sell out. This will leave you in a very tough situation. A good place to start is a Wholesale directory like Salehoo, (for those who don’t know) is a directory of wholesale suppliers and drop-shippers. It is a membership site where members pay a one-time fee for lifetime access to a regularly updated list of suppliers. Members are able to contact SaleHoo staff and chat with them online about any issues they might have, and if SaleHoo doesn’t have a supplier for a certain product we will find one when a member makes a request.

You as a seller are ultimately responsible to your customers. If a drop shipper messes up and the item comes in damage or delays shipping or it was shipped incorrectly altogether you are to blame even if there is nothing you could have done about.

Here is a great introductory Video

Exsplaining more about Salehoo and a FREE tour.

There is a lively forum where members are able to partner up with other members, and we frequently have suppliers jumping on the forum to offer special discounts to SaleHoo members. For more information CLICK HERE.


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