By Debra Espy

Since the early 70’s I have been styling, consulting, managing, or owning non surgical hair replacement businesses. Through my years in this industry I have won the Apollo National Hair Replacemnt Stylist of the Year Award, and was the First Runner Up in another years competition. Among my credentials are that I am certified in advanced hair replacement training, method of men’s hair attachments and hair replacement designs, non surgical hair replacement training, certified by the Lace Class at the Hair Replacement Academy, and been certified as a non surgical hair replacement instructor, stylist, and consultant.

Over my many years in the hair restoration business I have seen many changes. Unfortunately for hair replacement clients these changes have all been to get into your wallet. I have seen hairpiece prices go up from about $500.00 each to over $2,000 each simply by adding a technological name to the product, though the cost of these products haven’t increased accordingly. I have seen hair replacement studio owners watch for new clients to see what they are driving to get an idea on how much a prospective client can afford. I know of owners who will not discuss products or pricing untill they run your credit and can determine how much to charge.

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Finally the newest concept of my industry are hair replacement programs. These programs can run anywhere from a few thousand dollars a year to $10,000 a year for products and services you can obtain for much less. Sadly I confess many of my associates simply have become geedy.

My purpose of this article is not to promote my business but to make hair replacement consumers aware of the state the hair restoration industry has taken over the years and is in today.

My advice is to research and to do comparative shopping. If you drive a Lexus, go to Sears, the price of a bicycle does not jump in value. In other words a hair piece is a hair piece. My best advice through my many years of experience is do not be deceived by complicated product names. These type of product terms serve only one purpose and that is to “Jack Up” your costs.

Throughout over thirty years in the Hair Replacement I have seen many good things happen to this business from more natural designs, and the informational internet highway. The days of the toupee which gave in my opinion an ugly wig look, to the bad which are tricks of the trade that some of my colleagues use to raise their costs. Take more time when looking for a quality hair replacement system, compare the prices and offers from companies in your own area and surrounding areas. Look for websites that are showing their prices in their page titles. Look a little deeper than the first couple of web pages because believe it or not you just might find a ten on page 10.

About the Author: Debra Ann Espy is a certified and trained non surgical hair replacement expert including a former Apollo National Hair Replacement Stylist of the Year now offering affordable non surgical hair loss solutions instead of high prices.


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